Blast From the Past

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Life Saving Device

So police officers in Dorset have been given defibrillators to save lives. A great idea, think of all those lives that can be saved.

Will be even more usefull in the future when we will all be given Tasers and start to "zap" random people for the hell of it. Liberty will be pleased, as tasers only kill people - apparently. At least we can now bring them back to life.


Poison-Dwarf said...

ExtraSpecial......I get the idea that you could sometimes be very naughty!!! Hahaha

TotallyUn-Pc said...

(not enough independent research had been conducted into the effects of tasers.
"We are particularly concerned about the potential risks to children, people with mental illness, older people and pregnant women," she said.)

Mental patients aside, we all know the dangers we face there... but can anyone remind me of the last time they faced a very real threat where you considered the use of any police issue persional protection equipment against the other three groups mentioned. These Liberty groups would make me laugh if they weren't so offensively naive and condescending!

Anonymous said...

Beats being hit over the head with a baton.

Anonymous said...

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