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Monday, November 27, 2006

Blog World

There are loads of links on my sidebar which you all probably read. I was thinking, wouldnt it be good to go out for a few shifts with some of my fellow bloggers in their areas!

PC Bloggs - Well, that would be great fun to see policing from a womans point of view. We could talk about handbags, diamonds, and shopping and perhaps do some police work! (please note, I do not know anything about handbags, diamonds or shopping!)

Semper Fi - His quick wit would be a great laugh and has a no sh*t outlook on life!

Inspector Gadget - Well, a boss who doesnt talk rubbish and likes to get stuck in? What more reasons are needed really??

Sergeant Says - Same reason as above to be honest. Oh, and because hes the sarge, we could pass the paperwork to others for their PDP!

Just a few, and to be honest I would happily spend a shift with anyone on my sidebar! (Just ran out of reasons to put so dont be offended!)

Who would you spend a shift or two with?


mattw said...

Any of you!

But then I'm not a copper myself yet.

PC South West said...

You could spend a shift with me.
Stuck behind a computer.
Waiting for a defence brief.
Filling in form after form for a simple charge and claim a detection.
Spend 2 hours on the phone to CPS direct or (NFA direct as I like to call them).

You never know we may even get to do some police work!!

ParttimePolisman said...

Actually I'd rather fancy being down south for a shift or two. Would be interesting to find out what life is like in that crazy PACE world :p

Warning people about their bad language in a section 5 POA way. Oh good lord no! Sounds very much like a BOP to me.

What's that you say? Interviewing in front of a brief.... ho ho ho... nope caution and interview them there and then.

Starting work on a Friday night, nicking and not being done with the paperwork until the wee small hours. No thanks. Nick 'em and be back out in half an hour (assuming it's not busy in the charge bar). Okay I admit there is paperwork and whatnot to do later... but you can be out an about again just as soon as you close the jail door if you need.

From the little I know of E&W law I prefer it this side of the fence.

But to answer the direct question... I'd like to spend some time with Taggart :p

Inspector Gadget said...

You could spend a shift with my lot and double the numbers. Thanks for the mention, great Blog.

blackinblue said...

When are you coming to work with me then?

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

PC SW: that would sound pretty fun *cough* lol

PTPM: I would love to see what its like over the border without PACE etc!

Insp Gadget: Would love to! :)

Black in Blue: Wouldnt it be ironic if I already had ;)