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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Being The Boss

What would you do if you were the Chief for the day? (There we go PC Bloggs, put a photo of a female Chief rather than a male one as they are more understanding of peoples needs than a male one due to all that testosterone!)

Anyway, what would I do? (Stole the idea for this blog from

I would be very tempted to change the uniform. There is nothing worse than having to run after some scroate with a shirt and tie on not to mention the other numerous kit.

Would also have stabvests which have a zip down the middle rather than having to put it over your head - it tends to ruin peoples hair - apparently.
One thing for sure would be have more cars available so officers dont have to hang around for ages waiting for the shift before to return with cars!

I cant speak for regular officers for a lot of stuff, so will do this from a specials point of view.

1) Offer a bounty to specials doing a certain amount of hours
2) Invest more in the training of specials - after all, once attested, they will (hopefully) work a hell of a lot of hours - for free!
3) Give specials more PSU training - this means that instead of having to piss off regular officers to come in on rest days to do it, can get specials who will drop everything to do it!
4) Training is ongoing. This includes doing paperwork and putting together files - even if they are basic files. This means that regular officers wont be pestered into completing specials paperwork whilst they bugger off home ontime

There are many other things I would want to do - sadly I cant think of any more!

Please do add your own!


hobbybobby said...

Our stabbies have a zip down the middle - you're obviously in the the wrong force! I also don't mind the shirt, but the tie would definitely go - having to have the top button done up almost throttles me!

I'll also go along with ousting the uniform wearers - we have a bod in our nick who loves to look eager, always jumping out the van first and walking briskly to whatever the incident may be. As soon as he realises that he's going to be the first on scene though, he slows right down until everyone else has overtaken him and - he then hovers in the background, letting us do the work instead... the muppet!

Anonymous said...

Our jackets too, though if you think running after a suspect is hard in a tie you obviously haven't done it in a Kevlar Jacket !

I like the ties and shirts. Image is a more important armour than the armour itself.

AntiSocialWatch said...

I'd say the uniform of the LAPD looks good and practical but then their weather is different to ours. I'm sure it could be made a more comfortable and practical unifrom here though...As for being chief for a day, I don't know what I'd change really except maybe to have more police and have more of them back walking their patch.

AntiSocialWatch said...

Unifrom? Oops sorry, meant uniform!!

Sergeant Says said...

I'd import another idea from the states. Company cars. You get your own issue job car. No more problems with waiting for car at changeover, vastly increased police presence cos you drive your own police car home. Admittedly I would be investing in a garage to put it in. Having said that, all my neighbours know I'm old bill anyway