Blast From the Past

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hug A Hoodie

Or at least show some love!

I was on my way to the gym today, so had my hoodie on, t shirt underneath and my tracksuit bottoms on. Needless to say, I looked a proper chav.
Thought whilst on my way, I will stop off to do a quick bit of shopping as I will be too lazy to later.

In I go. The bloke giving out baskets looked at me as if I was going to nut him one, and I had to help myself to a basket.

I go up an aisle which is a little busy, and ask an old lady if I could get past please. Her reaction? She flinched and ran a mile!

When I got to the checkout the person infront of me decided to hold onto her bag tightly whilst keeping her eyes on me.

So people, next time you flinch, or feel threatened, do think about David Cameron and his "hoodie hugging" and "hoodie loving"


MattW said...

That's interesting... I've not noticed people reacting to me differently when I'm wearing a hoodie. Perhaps it's because my hoodies are all ones from University societies rather than the latest fashion?

I really don't know. Quite sad, really, that the hoodie has become such a maligned garment.

AntiSocialWatch said...

I agree that we do sometimes, almsot subconciously react like this and we pre judge people. Its hard not to when the media also portray people as they do because they wear hoodies.
After saying that, the majority of our little 'Teflon gang' wear them and there is one little darling who regularly comes down the street, pulls his hoodie up even further around his mouth, pulls the top further over his head and then shouts abuse as he goes down the street....I'd quite like a Boa Constrictor to hug him.

AntiSocialWatch said...

Must add to that...When we see them peeing against our communal doors, they shout pervert because we have seen them, then on an odd occasion if we have tried to photograph them when they have done criminal damage or something similar, thy have shouted hug one? Probably get arrested for sexual harassment or something.

Anonymous said...

With a reaction like that maybe the Police should consider a uniform change. Sounds like you probably got a bit more 'rezpect' :@)

John Gill said...

I have been "hugging hoodies" for a very long time, well before the politicians ever thought of it.

Whenever I tried to do that thing, the hoodies would look at me as if I was going to nut them one, and most of them would bog off.

Or they would flinch and run away.

Some of them would apparently decide that I was intent on robbery, and would hold onto their property (and privates) tightly whilst keeping their eyes averted from me.

Others just collapsed, and definitely not in laughter.

Hug a hoodie; it will change your perceptions.

It may even change theirs.