Blast From the Past

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Human Traffic Light

Had great fun doing traffic duty for a local fireworks display

So theres a right hand turning which is out of action (ie. CLOSED) and about 3 - 5 signs stating this. Also there are loads of cones, and even a nice little diagram of the road which shows the lane closed. However . . .

MoP: 'Scuse me mate, can I go down there?
Me: No, Can you read?
MoP: huh?
Me: Do you know what roadsigns mean?
MoP: huh?
Me: *points at numerous signs*
MoP: Oh, them, yeah, I thought I could get down there though
Me: Why?
MoP: 'Cos I need to get down there ya see.
Me: Really?
MoP: Yeah mate, so can I go down there?
Me: Erm, no
MoP: Why not? This is f**king ridiculous
Me: Because the road is closed, I have just told you that
MoP: But I need to get down there
Me: Oh right, ok, drive over there and ask him (another officer)

I am sure they ended up having the same chat with them.

Its not only the fact of people above which is a pain, its people who seem to drive blind. I dont think they can see a huge tennis ball coloured Michelin Man in the middle of the road giving them hand gestures to stop (not rude hand gestures!!) So I nearly ended up being a new layer of road surface several times.

The good side is that people were quite chatty on their way to the fireworks display which is a nice change from the usual abuse. Just a shame that there are a lot of Scroatsville residents who dont appear to be able to drive. Either that or they like to try and run coppers over.

Possibly the latter.


hobbybobby said...

If it's any consolation, Plodsville residents have been driving at me tonight too!

We have two multi-storey carparks coming out onto a one-way system with traffic lights 100 yards further on down the road, and just to finish it off we have a pedestrianised precinct cutting across the road as well. Not the greatest piece of town-planning you'll ever see...

Anonymous said...

Its your own fault you should realise that these signs like most things only apply to someone else.

AntiSocialWatch said...

Some humans just don't think signs are true or apply to them, Wet Paint! ( Well I'll just feel it to check)...Push door to open! ( I'll just pull it, it may work...etc

pressofficer said...

hobbybobby, sounds remarkable like kingston-upon-thames!

DogsBody said...

It seems that the big yellow jackets are a target for drivers!

I was doing traffic duty at the scene of a nasty RTA a couple of months back, and the amount of people that drove at me, expecting me to let them up the road that said CLOSED - they got the idea when I explained that if they did go up there they'd be getting a FPN :)

PC South West said...

It's mandatory at a road closure to have a twat try to breach it. Don't they teach that one in your force. The best ones are at a fatal RTC, I get very rude with them then.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

You would be shocked how little training/non existant we had in traffic directing/traffic lighting!