Blast From the Past

Sunday, November 26, 2006

8% Chav

Oh dear, I am 8% chav! Oh dear! How chav are you though??

For each "Yes" add 2.5%! (or there abouts!)

Have any friends or family members been pregnant under the age of 16?

Do you know the location of your local JD Sports store?

Do you own more trainers then normal shoes?

Have you ever bought / worn any of these labels? Hackett, Ben Sherman, Kappa, Nickelson?

Have you ever referred to your home as your 'Gaff' 'Drum' 'Yard' ?

Do you think David Beckham is a leading male style icon?

Have you ever bought Super Kings?

Do any of your friends or family own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

Have you ever had a fight with cab driver?

Have you ever worn hoop earrings?

Do you think Starbucks coffees are too expensive?

Have you ever thrown up in the street?

Have you ever vandalised a phone booth?

Have you ever referred to your friends as your 'crew' or your 'massive'

Do you know who Mike Skinner is?

Have you ever had a pay-as-you-go gas or electricity meter?

Have you ever lived above the fourth floor?

Do you use external Christmas decorations?

Did you think the Fast and Furious deserved an Oscar Nomination?

Have you ever visited a friend or family member in jail?

Do you know a drug dealer?

Are tinted windows cool?

Have you ever bought 'economy' brands at a supermarket?

Do you listen to Drum n Bass?

Have you ever purchased jewellery at Argos?

Have you ever been to Falaraki, Magaluf or Benidorm?

Have you ever had a full English Breakfast abroad?

Are any of your friends of family receiving benefits?

Have you ever tucked your trousers into your sock (except when riding a bike)?

Do you own a gold chain, sovereign ring or Burberry Cap?

Would you consider buying any of these cars? Vauxhal Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Impreza, Fiat Punto?

Do you ever wear a tracksuit when you have no intention of playing sport?

Have you ever been escorted from a shopping centre / pub?

Have you ever seen / been involved in a fight at a wedding?

Have you ever drank Lager before midday?

Would you consider a honeymoon in Tenerife?

Do you understand text abbreviations (ie, l8r - later, wiv - with, da - the, b4 - before)

Have you ever ordered ham, egg and chips at a restaurant?

Do you read Max Power, The Daily Star or the Sun?

Are fun fairs a regular part of your social calendar?

For those who are lazy and cant be bothered to add up, you can do the test here


Brand new bobby said...

Have you ever drank Lager before midday?

Does still drinking after midnight count? :p

Brand new bobby said...

I put no for that one seeing as technically it'd be classed as starting after midday!

Thank you for completing the survey, you are 8% chav!

This means you're not chav at all

PC Common Sense said...

I'm 38% Chav apparantly!!!
"I'm not 'aving it!!! Get me!!"

PC South West said...

God' I know quite a few drug dealers and I know where JD Sports is.
Bovered though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I got 25%.

How did you get 8% then? It really doesn't divide exactly by 2.5!

Maybe you are a particularly special case.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

I was lazy and used the link I put - it rounds up (or down!) percentages hence the 8 lol.

Cant believe how "chavvy" some of you guys are lol, but then, half the answers are quite easy to hit in the police lol

hobbybobby said...

I got 12%, but I want 1% back as I only ever had one hoop earring in my ear... ;)

Anonymous said...

I got a worryingly high score - I'm a student!

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Shouldnt you be in bed then, not due up for a couple of hours :p lol those were the days