Blast From the Past

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Just a quickie to mention that I have added PC Dogberry to my sidebar!

I have also added Hobby Bobby to my side bar. Can you guess its another special!?

Edit: Have also added another link too: Totally Un PC


Picky said...

Constable Dogberry thanks you for the addition to your side bar. Once I have the necessary IT skills, I will reciprocate.

I started my police career (back in '85) as a special constable. Look out for the write up coming soon!

Poison-Dwarf said...

Welcome to them both, PS love the name Hobby Bobby..

TotallyUn-Pc said...

I'm learning how to link, you'll be on mine soon.... just a matter of.... "which button do i press now son?"

feel free to read me. keep it up.... makes work go so much quicker!

hobbybobby said...

Cheers for the link, Extra Special Copper!