Blast From the Past

Friday, December 01, 2006

Sneaky Beaky

Was doing a plain clothes op the other night targetting auto crime hotspots. Was very "q" until . . .

"All units, observations for a green car seen following cars and acting suspiciously in the Crapside area"

Traffic units start making in hope for a result.

We think for a few seconds that we might get a result as we are in the area

But then

Myself and my collegue call up:

"Yeah control, its us on Op Random-non-related-name"

We did tell them they may get calls about us and to advise callers!


Brand new bobby said...

Classic. At least you remembered before traffic caught up with you and flashed the blues at you causing embarrassment all round ;)

blackinblue said...

Where on earth is crapside?

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Its on the South West of Scroatsville

Anonymous said...

Last weekend a special was in plainers patrolling an area where they're been lots of bother when his sister in law happened to be driving by, stopped and asked him "What on earth are you doing wandering around this neighbourhood at this time of night? Are you drunk? Do you need a lift home?"

Greatly amusing!

blackinblue said...

I am convinced extra special you are some kind of liberal man, er mad - man, and you make me laugh, which is good of course. Keep up the good work. When do you join the regulars?

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

BlackInBlue, I got an application form and half filled it in (post is here) but never got round to finishing it off sadly! Maybe next time!

I am almost certainly mad though