Blast From the Past

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Speed Bumps

This week, the local council decided to stick a load of speed bumps on the roads in my area. What an absolute pain. The first I realised of these bumps was when some muppet in a BMW X5 came racing around the corner over a bump scaring the life out of me.

Hang on, are they not supposed to slow people down rather than turn it into a race with Colin McRae

What is even more annoying is that its not even the type of seed bump in this picture which you can just drive straight over (with wheels each side of the bump - unless you are Johnny Scroate with his lowered Saxo), they are the ones which go right across the road. Each time I go over these bumps (bless the lowness of my standard car) it rubs the bottom of the car occasionally!

Looks like Scroatsville Borough Council will be getting a nice bill!

It will make life more interesting for pursuits though - all these bumps that Johnny Scroate in his nicked car can go bombing over (as he obviously doesnt care what damage he causes) whereas I dont think the force garage will be too happy having to replace shocks etc on cars so frequently!


Scipio said...

Half a pound of C4 spread evenly over the speed bump-Job done!(Just have to fill in the huge gaping hole left before you drive over it first!)

Annette said...

Why don't you check with the council about the safety of these bumps. They are not allowed to make them to high. If it is damamging your car...please tell the council.

PC Bloggs said...

Don't worry about the underside of panda cars, you don't pay for them!

blackinblue said...

I was newly promoted and attending a 999 emergency response, can't for the life of me remember what it was, and it was the early hours. And all of a sudden this speed bump pulled outat me. Boy at speed, did I think I had left the sump behind. On later checking the underside it was eh-hum Ok I think, but gees did that scare me.

totallyun-pc said...

I once went to an accident where a council truck had driven into a car at a give way crossroads.
The council driver was quite in the wrong and was reported.
within a week the whole street had huge Bump "islands" you know the ones..... one of which completely covered the skid marks where the Truck had slowed to an abrupt crash!
If you need the local authority to take action, drive into one of their carts. The cost of legal action is far more than the cost of unloading a few tonnes of tarmac down your street!