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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Coke Problem

Apprently the UK has the "Worst Cocaine Problem in Europe"

Perhaps we should start to give cocaine out on the NHS too, or do people who want their next fix of cocaine not cause crime? Perhaps someone could enlighten me?

Recently we had a drugs awareness session. So here is a test for you all, which one of these is actually cocaine??


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Answers on a postcard?

Oh, and just for fun, one reason why dogs shouldnt be given drugs:

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Incidently, my post here has caused a few mixed feelings and a nice debate! Have a look here and here, its ok - they dont bite! (I got a nice warm welcome and am starting to learn more about their role! Definitly worth a look:) )


Applicant said...

I've had no experience with drugs yet, but C looks remarkably like flour to me! As for the others I have no idea :D

AntiSocialWatch said...

Like applicant, I have no experience of it so I don't know which one.....or is it all of them? Hmm?

PC Common Sense said...

I'm concerned that we seem to have senior Police Officers in positions of influence coming up with these suggestions.
Why is it decisions are made based on cost and statistics.
I'm afraid this country has seriously lost its way.
Drugs cause untold misery to decent law abiding people in this country. Do the politicians, (I include senior Police Officers in that guise), think of the Public anymore? I rather fear not.
The very idea of giving out heroin is utterly shameful.
Decent people wanting to live decent lives come first with me.
I don't care who you are, if you can't or won't behave in Britain and refuse to abide by the law then suffer the consequences.
This is yet another example of putting the criminal first and making decisions 'Regardless of the Victim's wishes'. Oh yes i've seen that little gem of a quote on an official E Mail.
Wooly/Fluffy Britain, i'm sick of it.

PC Common Sense

10:55 PM

AdamK said...

Sorry if this is off topic somewhat but I can't help myself!

I agree with the provision of heroin on the NHS - there I said it. Now let me explain.....

The use of drugs is a widespread problem throoghout the UK. The desire to aquire drugs is directly responsible for a large portion of petty crime/theft in the UK (my opinion).

If the NHS were to supply heroin then firstly, on the international level, we would be cutting off the illegal growers and the dealers. Within the UK we would be encouraging addicts to come forward and register to get heroin. Once registered then we as a society can start to help them to come off the stuff. Too many people exist below the radar so to speak and this is a good way to ensure we get an accurate picture of the problem and have the means to effectively start to tackle the problem en-mass.

It's controversial but aren't all the best and most successful plans?

Costs of the rehab programs and supply of the drug would be offset by the moeny saved in policing and other costs such as criminal compenstation, insurance payouts etc etc.

I'm not one of the hippie crowd either. I'm a hardworking lad who grew up on one of the worst estates in Leeds and I really think that this idea is a good start.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...


B was Cocaine

A was baking power

C was white paper

D was washing powder