Blast From the Past

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


SPD being Scroatsville Police Department, (force, or service - whichever is this months buzzword!)

Talking to a friend who has recently been to New York, they were witness to an "incident". The type of thing where some sado would whip out their phone and video the "incident" due to "police brutality" which we all know "just happens, like, all the time, like, innit"

Anyway, there were some youths.

Scroatsville: Spotty, clad in burberry and hoodies. Bottle of White Lightning
New York:Spotty, probably the same sort of clothes. Bottle of coca cola.

Some officers went to talk to them:

Scroatsville: The youths run after shouting abuse
New York: The youths look scared

The officers question the youths as to why they are not in school

Scroatsville: (assuming they didnt run/were stopped from running) "Fu*k off pig, my mum doesnt give a shit what I do, im expelled anyway so leave me along fu*king pig"
New York: "Erm, erm, erm, erm"

The officers state that they are taking the youths to school.

Scroatsville: "I fu*king told ya, I dont do school, are you fu*king thick or summats" *walks off*
New York: "oh" *get in the car*

Hmmmm, slight difference - why is this I wonder??


Annette said...

In New York the police have guns! So should our police. I think that may be the what the difference is.

Islander said...

As I was reading this, I thought someone would say "cos the NY cops have guns".

Its not. Even in New York, the cops don't routinely shoot kids not in school.

Its because the kids know the cops do have all the legal power they need to take them into custody, take them to school, or take them to their parents, and the NY cops will have about 20 seconds of paperwork to fill in about it, not 4 hours, which means they WILL take them in.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

The parenting too perhaps? Well, maybe not as the kids were not at school!

Back to the paperwork then