Blast From the Past

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cheap Labour??

Recently having done a duty, I got a bit hungry on the way home so went into a local chippy. Armed with my £1.62, I wondered what I could get!

"How much for pitta bread and chips my good man?"

I then look up at the menu.
"How much for pitta bread and small chips?"
"yes sir, thats small chips"

Ah right. So I look up again to which it says


"How is it £1.80 if small chips is £1.20 and pitta bread is 30p??"

"Oh sir, thats if you want the chips in the pitta bread"

You what?? I am paying you an extra 30p to stick some chips in a bit of bread?
Thats extortionate! Perhaps I used the same place as Another Constable??

Takes the piss.


hobbybobby said...

Not only are you paying extra for the privilege of not having your chips wrapped in paper, but you'd probably end up with fewer chips in your pitta bread than if you had them as a separate portion, too!

I'm grateful to my local takeaway (a stones throw away from my nick) - I always get a large portion of chips given to me even though I only pay for a standard... the benefits of eating there (almost) every shift!

Hannelie said...

I like the new look!

blackinblue said...

Chips are good for you, or well, they are good for me.