Blast From the Past

Friday, November 24, 2006

Blue Light Takeaway Run

Oh dear oh dear, yet another speeding police officer.

How terrible this is that he got caught for being hungry. Obviously this information is quite clearly made up and the officer was genuinly on his way to the RTC! Quite clearly, he was on his way to pick up the food and got diverted, but then cancelled, and a disgruntled member of the public, more than likely who has just been given points for speeding himself, saw the officer about to tuck into a delicious meal and was jelous so reported him.

Perhaps PC Akrill could take these steps next time:

1) Preorder Chinese as usual
2) Choose a good route to go to the chinese, possibly in an area that other officers will not be near.
3) Call up stating that "a member of the public has just reported an accident. As you are a dedicated officer, refs can wait until you have dealt with it, and no other units are required"
4) Speed to the incident, which just happens to be near the Chinese.
5) Discover that the MoP was lying, but in your rush to get to the incident to save lives, you didnt take down their details
6) Call up stating a speed camera activation
7) Go to the Chinese to pick up food
8) Call up control stating that there was no accident
9) Take Chinese back to station and enjoy

Obviously, if Indian is your preference, then this is an adequate substitute.

[/Tongue In Cheek]


Old Man said...

It is not over yet:

"the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, said: "The decision of the court in the face of the evidence presented to them is a matter for them. Disciplinary inquiries will continue."

What a birthday present!

PC South West said...

I am not so sure of this one.
If he was responding to a fatac he would probably have bee going rather more than 8 mph over the limit, I would.
I often start out on a blue light run and get stood down, I am sure other drivers think I am just trying to get through the traffic.
If I was responding to a job I would let comms know, especially if I was speeding.
I am not saying he is a liar just how it sounds.

AntiSocialWatch said...

As he said, a sweet and sour experience haha!!!

PC Bloggs said...

Good morning, I am hereby tagging you to continue a blog meme. Please see top-ten-things-i-would-never-do.html for the theme.

Anonymous said...

Sorry SPC,
Yours is just another example of how anti-police the Specials have become especially online.The specials site is a disgrace and is actively being tried to be closed down or at least radically changed by PSD, wait and see!

Those on the peripheries who purport to be under our banners just love to have a sly pop.

This officer has 23 years service and was found not guilty in a court of law.

I find it astonishing that you made these off side remarks when as a SPC you have never driven a police car in anger yourself.

Go back to your cronies at least if you are all inone place you can carp and back slap each other without troubling the rest of us.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

anon: firstly, I dont "hang" with any cronies, infact I hardly ever work with specials due to incompetance and backstabbint, I am not anti-reg, read my blogs to find that out,I only have praise for regular officers I have never slagged off a regular officer.

My comments were not "slagging" this officer off, I take it you are not familer with sarcasm? perhaps you should read pcbloggs blog, might give you an idea!g

PC South West said...

It's easy for some jumped up over sensitive idiot to post anonymously and start to slag everyone off. Blogs are about freedom of speech and debate, so for heavens sake take a chill pill.
This was a worthy subject to post on, keep up your excellent blog!!

Anonymous said...

Fair enough if it was tongue in cheek I apologise unreservedly.

I followed the link from another site and to the uninitiated the post does appear to be having a go or sneering.

Not everyone is aware of all your internet input!

PC South West said...