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Friday, November 03, 2006

Little Gits

Well, I assume they are little anyway due to their amateurness. I have a shared drive with several other residents, and last night there were two cars parked outside, mine and a neighbours. These "amateurs" decided to break into a car out there. They attempted to smash the lock off (and half the door) with no luck so then tried to bend the door back, which was sucessful. They then decided that there was nothing of value in the car, but decided to try and take the airbag.


Luckily it was not my car (obviously not worthy of stealing nor was my cd collection!).

However, rest assured for my neighbour, Scroatsville Police will almost definitly (not) catch the offenders!

1) Scenes of Crime come out. Lift some prints. Probably the owners.
2) CCTV. There is none.
3) Witnesses. None. Even if there was it was pitch back and they would no doubt be wearing hoodies and speaking in an unknown language which is comprised of the words "innit" "sorted" and "yo mofo"
4) Statment Taken. This wont yield much in the way of hunting down the offenders as the formentioned reasons.
5) If enough of these happen then the local policing team may come up with an operation to catch offenders. If they are lucky then they might catch someone, might not be the same offender, infact, in Scroatsville, probably not.

Scroatsville Police are then slated for not being able to catch the offenders. Damn why can criminals not leave fingerprints and a nice trail of evidence.


AntiSocialWatch said...

Yes, we had something similar last night too....little shits they are.

totallyun-pc said...

My special friend,

re my blog that you left a message on, (don't know how I reply anywhere else)
I wasn't inferring that you "enjoy" it, but merely stating that we only have those members of the extended policing family left as the rest have been redeployed(stolen) to carryout useless functions in the capital while everywhere else suffers!

Anyway, (and this isn't meant to be rude tho I accept i could put it better if i sat and thought about my choice of words) why don't you enjoy it? surely thats one of the reasons you became a special.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Oops I didnt mean anything personal by it - apologies! I was making a mockery of how policing seems to be these days with police officers not actually being able to do police work thesedays so it seems. No disrespect meant ;)

Infact you have given me an idea what to write about next (ie. Why do I do it!)

Thanks for reading :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

Yeah, hard to catch car theives/parts stealers when they are invisible in the dark and it happens so quick... Jerks.

And Extra Special, you ARE linked from my blog ! It doesn't show that in your list down below, but you've been on my links for a few weeks now -- go check !

Be safe !

Anne Elizabeth