Blast From the Past

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Hunting

Now that driving whilst on the phone carries 3 points and a £60 fine, will people stop doing it? Has anyone given a ticket for this yet? If so, what has their reaction been.

These photo's were taken yesterday

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Obviously it wont change some peoples attitude

Monday, February 26, 2007


Its good to see the "youth of today" clearly listening to Tony Blair and pals with their concept of "respect"

Take the photo to the right for example.

What is it I hear you ask? It was an ambulance. Why is it in this condition? Is the garage decomissioning it? Was it involved in a crash?

No. It was parked outside a house on a 999 call. Whilst paramedics were inside the house, some "yoofs" decided to smash the windows, nick the sat nav, and smash the inside up.
Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dont Investigate Mispers

Having a read on it became clear why people dislike having to attend mispers.

"TWO fuming cops had to fork out £90 after their police car was clamped as they hunted for a missing person.

One of the officers had to draw cash from his bank account to get their marked Ford Fusion released after an hour and a half.

They parked in a private car park at 10.45am on Bank Holiday Monday — and a team from Aquarius Securities fixed a yellow clamp to a front wheel.

Witness Jim Birmingham, 45, said: "I was absolutely gobsmacked. When I caught his eye, the clamper looked at me with a little smile. The police were not a happy bunch."

Barry McQuile, of Aquarius Securities, said that the car was only clamped when it became clear the police were not on business at the firm that leases the car park space in Portsmouth, Hants.

He said: "Police need to realise they’re not above the law."

But Inspector John Anderson said the clamping firm had failed to use common sense.

He added: "The officers were investigating a case of a high-risk missing person. They were only gone five minutes. An employee has been reported for obstructing police."

Well, almost a detection out of it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still About

Just not had a chance to post anything lately. Apologies

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

UK Worst for Children?

Apparently this fine country is the worst for failing children! How can this be I ask . . . .

Be aware its quite graphic and violent.


Other's have done this already, but still, it does amaze me how people find this blog! The following are various words used in a search engine to find this blog:

  • French Prison System
  • Being threatened by a member of the public
  • Stabbing at Tesco Express
  • How to do Wheelspins in a car
  • Confessions of Fireman Sam
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • Chav Meter
  • Spc Limit Tea
  • What Makes People Lie
  • Spc Saudi Arabia
  • Sneaky Beaky
  • How to get off with seat belt offence
  • Dont See
  • Speed Bumps Cause Accidents
  • British Prisoners Freed
  • Solongo
  • Confessions of a Superhero Documentory
  • Women in Prison - What Does Time Mean
  • Police Shed Shot Available
  • Can a door supervisor use aggressive force
  • Special f***
Very strange!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Just a reminder that this blog is ficticious and should be regarded as such. Normal service will resume Monday

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Bill

Have to love "The Bill".

One of many things on it which would be great if real is when dealing with an incident!

The Bill

  • Get sent grade one to a 2 day old theft
  • Turn up on blues/legging it on foot
  • Talk to the owner, find out it was tens of thousands of pounds worth of goods taken, get a full perfect description with the offender caught on cctv with a full view of their face, drivers license with name and address on it too.
  • Leave the store after hearing this without doing any paperwork, taking statements, booking on crimes, spot the offender, chase them, and arrest them


  • Control calls for someone to attend 2 day old theft
  • No reply, so straws are drawn
  • Officers attend in the hope of being diverted to another job
  • Once they arrive, the item stolen comes to a value of £2.34, the cctv is of poor quality, all you can see is a blurred person in dark clothing as the camera was facing the wrong way, the disc of the cctv cant be released until the morning manager comes in the next day, the store worker is also unable to provide a good description.
  • Take statement
  • Book on crime
  • Give shop crime number
  • Leave
  • Go back to the nick and complete more paperwork

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Non Tale of the Criminal Damage...

..and the Taxi Driver.

Come across a taxi stopped in the middle of the road with two males squaring up to each other. Yep - you have probably guessed it, the taxi driver and the passenger.

The passengers issue was that he didnt want to pay to go all the way home. He was only just leaving the town centre and had been charged £4.00. It should be a £6 journey in total. I can see his problem, the taxi driver was having a go at trying to make a few more quid. Sadly for him, the passenger was sober and knew this.

A collegue spoke to this male who was a dead pleasant chap, and apparently his dad is a Chief Inspector in a neighbouring force. I got the short straw of the taxi driver!

He went on about how the male had kicked his car, and it went a little like this:

Him: He has kicked my car.......twice!
Me: Where is the damage?
Him: Here, look, look
*nothing to see at all, not even a foot mark!*
Me: I dont see anything at all *check around that area too*
Him: He did it, I want him arrested, I want him prosecuted
Me: There is no damage, I cant do any of this!
Him: You have to, you have to prosecute
Me: I cant, and I wont
Him: This is f***ing stupid
Me: Im sorry, but there is no damage or anything!
Him: You are useless, you are not doing your job properly, your a f***ing idiot, I have had enough of you lot, you are all s**t.
Me: Easy, there is no need to get worked up! There is no damage, your not injured or anything, calm down.
Him: You are useless you lot are, all a bunch of idiots, I want your number, your PC number.
Me: *I assumed he meant collar number* Ofcourse you can, its ***.
Him: I am going to complain that you are not doing your job properly.
Me: Oh right, I have said why I cant and wont do anything! I will have words with the male though
*take down his badge number and cab number*
Me: *recieves more abuse* How about I ring taxi licensing and let them know how rude, abusive, and threatening you have been towards me, how you will not listen to my explanation, and your threats to passengers??
Him: Ok ok sir, I sorry I understand, please dont please dont, I will lose my taxi.

Touché good sir!

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Liberation

Driving through Scroatsville town centre, we saw Tim being hassled by people. Being pushed about, jumped on, and mis treated. In the van, we mounted a mission to rescue Tim from this crowd. We spend a good few minutes planning the operation, risk assessing the situation and taking on board any diversity and human rights issues which may arise. We then commenced the operation.

We got Tim away from the abusive group and gave them strong words of advice for their conduct. They looked as if we had just taken away all their fun, totally ruining their evening.

We had.

Whilst the abusive group were distracted, we grabbed Tim and struggled to get him on the van, but eventually we did.

The sgt called up control and informed them of the sitation and that we were going to take Tim away from the scene for his own protection, and promptly left the scene.

Eventually we made it to the safety of Sainsburys, where Tim the Trolley was liberated.

For those wondering, yes it was a quiet night!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Would Never

Another quick poll for you! Please feel free to add a comment to justify your reasoning! What would you rather do instead too!

I would Never Work....
Community Team
Professional Standards
Speed Camera Team
Prisoner Interview Team
At all

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Deal, or No Deal?

Should I remain on a response team or should I go to a "community" team.

Being on response seems to be job to job to job and most of them seem to be domestics or shoplifters depending on the time of day!

The "community" team where I would be going is in a rough part of town (Crime Hub of Scroatsville), its easier to drive to from home, and doesnt cover anywhere near where I live. The stuff we would do is drugs raids, sneaky beaky operations etc. The team are great and we all have a great time when we crew and all are very pro-special.
Oddly there are more response drivers on this team than the response team.

What do you reckon? What woud you do?