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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sacked For Chasing Criminals

So, soon you can get sacked for chasing criminals according to the Daily Mail. The reason for this?? You have guessed it! Health and Safety! Apparently chasing suspects across railway lines and roads might lead to an injury - not of the officer but the criminal. Is this yet another right on the "criminals charter"?

This is pretty much related to my hypothesis a while back! So you dont chase, you get critisised for missing out on that great thing that is a sanctioned detection, but if you chase then you can get sacked!

Quite what the home office thinks a police foot chase is like I dont know. Perhaps they think it is like this. If only it were, would definitly make a chase more fun, and also mean that you wont have to go to the gym so often.

I did hear that in the pipeline for other future "health and safety" things being brought in include:

*having a case files "staple" protruding more than 1 mm from the paper, thus likely to result in an injury
*using pens incase officers accidently swallow the lid, or even worse, an offender grabbing a pen off you and attempting to swallow the lid
*batons are to have lights on the end of them to warn people where the end of it is, just incase of an injury.

Dont we just love the home office!


DogsBody said...

Have just found out about this new load of shite too!

Have posted my views on it in my latest update!

Inner London PC said...

Tsk tsk, chasing on a roof?!

Gargoyle said...

If that were in Australia, Police would be critisized for not allowing the crim time to "slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat!" Sunburn is a serious risk! Gravity... apparently not!

Freya said...

Erm, I could be wrong here but don't the criminals choose where to run in the first place?! Unless of course they 'weren't doin nuffink, the rozza's just started on me for no reason, I was runnin for me life' It would be such a tragedy for them to have an argument with Mr First Great Western.....:oP
Good blog, keep it up!