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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rank Structure

In the Specials there is a "rank structure". I use the term rank in the loosest of terms as it is more of an administrative term given to a special.
Some forces have given their specials the following...

Special Constable
Section Officer
Division/Area Officer
Chief Officer

(obviously terms alter from force to force)

Some forces have adopted the following one:

Special Constable
Special Sergeant
Special Inspector
Special Chief Officer.

Now my force is using the second one.
But what do these "Specials Sergeants" actually do? Do they really have any authority.
I pity and fear the day where some big headed power crazed specials sergeant attempts to give orders to a regular officer on the pretence that they are "superior" in some way. Luckily it wont happen in Scroatsville!
Having attempted to find out what some "Specials Sergeants" actually do and how easy it is to to get the role, I thought I would apply and find out what feedback I would get and information on the role.

So there is no test of any kind - so unlike a regular sergeant, you do not gain this title through any skills/test you have passed.
Your application goes to senior specials (so Specials inspector and chief officer). Therefore, arselicking your line manager will get you a promotion just like as a regular - so 1-1 to each side.

As a specials sergeant, you can expect no increase of allowences of any sort - shame really for the extra effort they put in! One point to regular supervision.

As a regular sergeant, you can avoid paperwork by getting someone on your team to do it (not that they would do that!) However, as a special, you will be told to "piss off" and "learn to do it" which isnt all that good!

So final score is Specials Supervision 1, Regular supervision 3 (I think)

Finally - this post is not a moan about specials as the specials sergeants I know do a fantastic job and take on the extra work load very well.


Joe90 said...

Excellent post - absolutely spot on!!

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Does it sound familier then heh Joe! ;)

LockerRoom said...

A special sergeant? hum. Will they be able to do custody desk? (hint: please)

Gargoyle said...

Crikey! (R.I.P.) It sounds like there's even more political play in the Specials than in the regular force! In our service, I think everyone accepts that promotion is a way of removing the idiots from the front line! So there's hope for me to make Sergeant yet! And thanks for the comment, I've been distracted with work and Forensic courses recently.

specialcase said...

In my force it goes Section Officer (usually been in about 2 years, fairly human), Sub - divisional officer (likes Admin and bossing people about, hates going out and doing police work), Divisional Commandant (fat bloke who does no police work cos he can't fit in his uniform) and finally the County Commandant (bloke with Hitler complex). Anyone from SDO upwards fits the arse - licking crawler you described. In my force we have 4 divisions so that's a lot of A-Lickers about!!