Blast From the Past

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Mayor

I recently ran into the Mayor of Scroatsville! No, not the real one, but some chav girl with gold that Mr T would be proud of! She was about 17 years old, two kids in tow in a popular high street clothing shop.

One of the kids wasnt walking enough so what happened?

Normal Person: "come on William, we are going to get you some nice clothes!"

Lady Chav: "For fuck sake Gary, get a fucking move on, I got to get myself some clothes for later you inconsiderate little shit"

This approach from Lady Chav causes the kid to start crying. For the sake of this, we will talk about what happens if both Lady Chav, and normal persons kids are crying.

Normal Person: "Oh dont cry William, we will be going home soon once we have got your clothes" *kid stops crying*

Lady Chav: "For fuck sake your pissing me off now *smacks child* oh stop bloody crying *forces child to sit up very harshly* fine then you little shit, cry, you wont get a Mc Donalds now" *kid carries on crying even more*

Two totally different approaches. This 17/18 year old girl clearly has no concept of being a mother (sadly we can not tell people that).
Sometimes we wonder why kids thesedays are little shits who dont care about anything - with mothers like this its no suprise really is it.

What makes it even more sad is the fact that there are decent people in this country whoc try for babys and dont have sucess/sadly lose them, yet there are people like "Lady Chav" who drop them every 9 months.


Anonymous said...

I and friends of mine have seen similar things. It always makes me sad and angry when I see parents treating their children in this way.

There are variants of course, from ignoring one's child doing stupid things because one is busily talking about something utterly insignificant on one's mobile phone to effectively discouraging your child's interest in reading because you're far too busy listening to your iPod on the train to help them with a couple of words they can't quite get.

Some people just aren't made or aren't ready to be parents.

Stan Still said...

I've considered the subject of parenting in the past.

If people had to undertake the same tests before reproducing as they do before adopting, the birth rate would plummet. This, combined with the withholding of child benefit for anyone who hasn't passed a basic childcare exam, would do wonders for future generations.

Anonymous said...

Once saw a little boy wave at our panda as we drove past. As the little boy happened to be with his mother and her chav friends, how did she react to her sons nice friendly gesture to the lovely passing Police Officers?

Of course, a slap around the head, for the embarrassment that he has just caused her.