Blast From the Past

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Parking Ticket PC

Have a read of this story.

As much as traffic wardens are a pain in the arse (well, ok, not all of them are like a *insert huge american bird name here* to a corpse) how many of you would do this?

I have had a parking ticket but wouldnt dream of doing this! None the less, this PC obviously wasnt too happy with getting a ticket!

I am surprised this story was not turned into an anti police story saying how it was happening across the country as institutionalized grievance against traffic wardens!

What do you think then? Would you do the same? Or would you just fork out the money and not make an ass of yourself?

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Vic Mackey said...

If your going to arrest a "parking attendant" (police forces employ traffic wardens - councils employ parking attendants) then why run in your house to put on your uniform? thats even if you keep your uniform in your house and then call for backup first? what was the parking attendant doing while this was happening, having a kip?