Blast From the Past

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ding Dong

Recently it seems that Lennie Briscoe has vanished! Does anyone know where he is? Perhaps he has had a big red key to his house door closely followed by men in suits from PSD?
All you consipracy theorists, feel free to let me know your theorys true or false of his whereabouts as I quite miss his blog!

On another note I am going to try and update my blog more often in a vain attempt to get more readers, or just to keep interest going before like many blogs - it dissapears!

As always, if anyone has any ideas for me to write about, questions about being a special, or anything else just post a comment or email me at


Anonymous said...


I've just launched a new site called which I think would be really perfect for you!

You'll get more readers and it's a really cool site!

I'm fifteen and it's only my second site ever so any advice anyone wants to give me would be really great!


Two Passports said...

I am the same. I am a comment whore and love to see a comment on my blog. However, blogging is a great habit to get into, readers or not. I like your blog.