Blast From the Past

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Badge Flashers

I attended a public order incident a while back in town one night with a load of other officers. It was not clear what had gone on but there had been some sort of fight. Whilst talking to someone I got interupted by some young lad who insisted he spoke to me. I asked him politely to wait one second. He then said "no, I need to talk now" and produced his Metropolitan Police warrant card. Why??

I asked him what his point was by showing me it. He went on to demand that something be done. We had no complainants, and no witnesses it seemed. However, this wasnt good enough for this officer. He wanted people arrested as it was his mate who got hit. He didnt see it happen though but demanded people got arrested.

"We cant do that sir"
"Why not? You should, you have to"
A very experienced regular officer twice this lads age got wound up by his attitude. "We are not going to do that unless someone makes a complaint and identifys an offender"

Matey boy from the met started to then slag off my police force stating "Your idiots, your doing it all wrong, you should be doing it like......................."

I dont know what happened with him as I got fed up with his attitude and there were far more pressing issues at hand.

I was discussing with someone what would they do if they had pulled over a driver for an offence such as no seatbelt or talking on phone, and if the driver "flashed their badge" to get away with it.
Does seem an interesting issue. I am not sure what I would do but hell, I would never dream of doing such a thing - but have heard storys of officers (regular officers) doing this. I reckon if a special were to do this then the officer they do this to would more than likely report them!

So - there are a few types of badge flashers. Those who seek to impose their "authority" upon others (such as Mr Met) and those who think its a get away with a fine clause.

Has anyone come across any of these and what did you/they do about it?


Gargoyle said...

I know of at least one who got a severe "bollocking" for doing the same. Again, pissed and full of bad manners, and one who got thrown in the wagon for fighting. Mind you he did flash the badge, THEN sling his fist at 3 of the patrons in the pub. I don't think he's in the job now.

Joe90 said...

'Do you know who I am?'

'Do you know who my father is?'


Anonymous said...


'Do you know who my father is?'

'Why, doesn't your mother?'


PC Bloggs said...

In my area, if a job begins "An off-duty Met officer..." we all groan and try to avoid attending.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

PC Bloggs Says: "In my area, if a job begins "An off-duty Met officer..." we all groan and try to avoid attending"

haha comedy!!

Anonymous said...

I lad from my force went to a fight in the old market square once, an off duty cop from the Met was there, shouting. No IP could be found and the MET COP jumped out in front of the van full of cops shouting that arrests should of been made and "No wonder Nottingham is the shooting capitol of the world".. Sadly he said "FUC*ING WAN*ERS" and was arrested section five...

In Nottingham, You don't piss force support off....

PC Bloggs said...

I went to a job once where an off-duty Met officer had detained three juveniles for shoplifting. When I asked him for the circs he said, "Well they were in the street and that girl moved some socks from her bag into that other girl's bag." "And were the socks stolen?" I asked. "Probably." Suffice it to say I sent him on his way and the three juveniles likewise. The only thing Off-duty about him was his brain.

LockerRoom said...

Heh I have had this a couple of times. Sometimes you have no choice, like the Inspector I saw brought in for Death by Dangerous driving. I dunno, I think coppers tend to cut other coppers a bit more slack than they would others.... not fair perhaps but also slightly inevitable. Altho sounds like your bloke had barely just fallen out of training school. The met coppers I know would be far more likely to say "I saw and heard nothing", unless it was something beyond drunk handbags.

I also find it entertaining thus: if you get stopped in your own area, and the guy who stops you has a bit of an attitude and searches the car without giving you a stop slip- noting his number, finding out where he works: watching all colour drain from his face when you walk into the canteen with stripes on is priceless

Anonymous said...

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