Blast From the Past

Monday, October 30, 2006


After a recent TV Show featuring PCSO's, several bloggers have commented on the show.

Disgruntled Cop

PC South West

I have already commented on the subject so will not repeat it, however, found this blog as a result!


Will have to keep an eye on this one - should be quite an interesting read!


AntiSocialWatch said...

On the one hand I'd say you have to feel sorry for the PSCOs, half the police forces don't want them, half of the public have no respect for them...On the other hand they are very well paid for what they do.. And its a job they have actually chosen to do. But I think they should all have the same powers as each other, none of this, it depends who your chief of police is..

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

I agree. Standardise their powers across the country (to limited powers, stabbie yes, cuffs maybe) do not have army's of them, give them a clear purpose then perhaps it will work well. I know a couple who have done great work but have been in since they were first introduced and have earned the respect (like all new people do anyway) but to create two tiered policing would make matters worse

Anonymous said...

And whats the recruiting situation like for specials who are wannabes now? On the plus side it should get rid of those 5 minute specials who just needed the tick in the box to get to assessment.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

They seem to let anyone in nowadays! haha

Serious note though, there are some people who I dont know how on earth they still remain as specials.
Just take a look at to see how some are, its a wonder how on earth they are independant sometimes. But then again there are some really hard working ones

Anonymous said...

Some Specials do a great job in assisting the police doing some terrible hours.

Others turn up on remembrance Sunday for an hour and so long as they can hang on to the uniform and photo on the mantle piece they are in their own minds fully fledged police officers, this is a sad thing.

I have noticed recently that some join and then snipe on the peripheries and are for whatever reason anti-police but think they have an official voice.