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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Care Kids

Touchy topic this one. Firstly, not all kids who are in care are bad, however, I will be talking about the bad apples here.

In Scroatsville, there is a childrens home which when its name comes up on air, you can hear the groans of officers as you instantly know the job is going to be a heap of shit. Nine times out of ten its to take details of a missing person. Now, when you think of the words missing child, it is often met with worry and anguish from concerned parents. However, in this situation it is met with people who run these homes sighing as they have to report the person missing for the 8th time this month.

This means that the police have to turn up and take misper details of this person yet again. You start to know the names of the regulars at this place. So once you have gone through numerous forms (nicely put into one booklet now for ease!)
Once all these have been done you have to go to the mispers room to do a search.
1) to see if they are hiding there (we know that they are not and know that they will be at a friends/parents like they always do)
2) to look for "clues" as to where they will be. No we dont use a magnifying glass. Well, I dont.

After getting abuse from the other kids, we put observations out for them and go look for them, and usually find them and give them a free lift home, thus wasting hours of police time.


This has already been discussed on various other blogs. I recently went to a foster home (not the same as before but a private house this time) and the language that the kids were using as was the foster mother was awful!! Yes I hear this all the time, but surely (dont laugh now. . . .) someone with responsibility should not be encouraging this behave like this!

Now I realise I am talking crap as this sort of thinking does not occur in Scroatsville. Its the norm for bad parenting/youths being disrespectful. Perhaps whats needed is some sort of test in order to procreate.
What would you put on such a test to determine whether or not someone should be a parent?? Results will be posted soon


Stan Still said...

We have a policy that when our local kid's home wants to report someone as "missing", they have to fill the misper form out before an officer gets there. This saves a great deal of time.

In fact, the home has photocopied the forms with details already filled in to save THEM time with the regulars.

We all go through the motions, knowing that the little dear will be in the park with his/her mates getting drunk, stoned and/or laid and will return home when they get hungry.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Maybe the test could include : no recreational drug use, limited alcohol condumption, enough financial stability for the children to get propely fed and clothed and have a decent roof over their heads, an interest in education so that books are read/taught to the kids instead of just putting tghem in front of the television to watch videos, an emphasis on polite interactions with others, respect for other people you come into contact with -- including but not limited to people in authority who are trying to be helpful, and an intolerance for domestic violence....

There I go daydreaming again...

Have a good day, special.... and Be Safe Out There !

Anne Elizabeth

Anne Elizabeth said...

oh dear, typos galore !!! I need spell-check. Sorry.