Blast From the Past

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hoorah For the Met

One from the other night:

"Any unit available, we have had a call from an off duty Met officer. He has handcuffed himself to his partner and is unable to uncuff himself as he has lost his handcuff key, any officer available?"

Oh how we laughed. All I hope is that some officer took a camera to the job and this photo is now working its way around the met email system!

On another note, I have now added PC South West's blog to my side bar


ParttimePolisman said...

Ha ha superb. I really don't understand the reasoning with handcuffs. Ok so fluffy love cuffs are one thing, but rigid job issued are another.

Although I do tend to keep a 'spare' cuff key in my bedside cabinet just in case :p

Ahem! I think I may still be a little drunk after last nights Halloween party to admit to such things ;)


Anne Elizabeth said...

Extra Sepcail,
Ha-ha ! He will never live that one down !

Hope you have a great week ahead --

Anne Elizabeth

Anne Elizabeth said...

typo, sorry.


AntiSocialWatch said...

I just love the Muppet show pic........I could have used that on so many of my own posts. A little sarcasm never hurt anyone haha...

PC South West said...

I don't know how anyone would admit to doing that. If it was me, which it wouldn't be. I would probably phone a trusted colleague to bring a key and hope he never told anyone.