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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Police Cuts

It seems that Northamptonshire Police and Leicestershire Police are both having to "cut" the numbers of police officers to save up to £6 million each!
The reasons we are given for this is that the government has not given the police forces, errr, services, enough money.

This leads me to think of a few things.

1) Force Mergers - how much money did the Government cause police forces to waste on these failed mergers? Surely (no, make that definitly!) this money could have been used for the shortfall in police funding!

2) PCSOs - Why is it that forces are recruiting a small army of PCSO's. Fair enough, the government is giving more money to forces for doing this, but a line needs to be drawn between their usefullness and overkill (rant to come soon!). Surely if we recruited half the amount of PCSO's then some of the police funding shortfall could be paid for? No??

As Tesco say - every litte helps!


Anne Elizabeth said...

Extra Special,
it's pathetic ! We need more cops, not less !

If they'd only use their heads and double the police force and give everyone an immediate 25% pay raise, then crime would get stopped/be less and there would be less clogging up the courts/paying for attorneys/paying for prison....

Get a brain !
Oh whoops, that's not government's job !

Anne Elizabeth of Make My Cop Come

p.s. I'm glad I found your blog ! I've added it to my favorites and will come back to visit !

You are welcome to do the same ! Hope to hear from you if you like my (erotica) stories !

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Anonymous said...

No offense, but the "make my cop come" isn't exactly a law enforcement blog. It's pretty much smut.

Although I'll never visit there again, it wouldn't hurt to let others know that the blog is rated X and people should use caution when opening it - especially if their kids are around.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Caution added :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

Actually, if you take the time to read the regular Saturday posts, they are always dedicated to law enforcement in the most respectful of ways.

Memorials, tributes, poems, positive commentary from the communities they serve, etc.

It IS during the rest of the week an erotica blog about the cop I love.

It also includes in quite a few of the stories things about why I think the job is so challenging, why police offciers are so good and conscientious (sp.?) and capable about what they do, and how much gratitude we as civilians should have for them being there for us.

It's too bad you only saw what you felt personally uncomfortable with.

Wishing you the best.

Be Safe Out There everyone !

Anne Elizabeth

Anonymous said...


While you may have no problem sharing your personal sex life with everyone online (and that's your prerogative), I think it's inappropriate to lead people on with the assumption that your blog pertains to LE, when in fact, in essence, it really doesn't. It's the sexual exploits of you and your boyfriend.

My husband is a LEO and I make mention of his work, but that doesn't mean my blog is about law enforcement and I wouldn't want it to be listed that way. As the saying goes, "Standing in the rain will make you wet but it won’t turn you into water."

I was very disturbed (and angry) when I opened your blog and saw the suggestive photos. I'm not a prude by any means, but my son happened to be in the room with me and saw the pictures. Had I known before hand that the blog bordered on porn, I would not have opened it.

You've made your way around the blog world seeking LEO links but have yet to find my husband's, but I'm sure in time you will. And when you do, he will request that you remove the link and will delete any comments you leave on his blog because he finds your site offensive and inappropriate, and highly believes badge bunnies like you give LEO's a bad name. He feels people will think that is what ALL LEO's are like, and that get a bad rap as it is.

So for every LEO blog that you link to, I will email and ask that they also make note that it is X-rated so that others will at least be forewarned and don't have to expose their children to inappropriate material.


My sincere apologies to you. My intentions were not to cause any sort of disturbance here on your site. I assure you it will not happen again.

AntiSocialWatch said...

As an ordinary person in North Yorkshire, it makes me sick that we are constantly told that NYP has no resources. Then we read that MS Della Cannings, chief of police in North Yorkshire has just had a new shower fitted in her office, at a cost of £28,400. This is absolutely disgusting.

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