Blast From the Past

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Special

Ladies and gents, cops and robbers,

May I introduce a new Special's blog

Part Time Police Man

Please do take the time to investigate and see what you think!

Am doing a shift tomorrow night in . . . . . the "town centre" so hopefully be some fights, pava, and no arrests! Although I shall ofcourse try to get a few sanctioned detections using the brilliant tool that is a PND!


Anne Elizabeth said...

Be Safe, SPC !

Going to go check out that new blog, now !

Have a good Friday.

Anne Elizabeth

ParttimePolisman said...

Ahh yes the town centre. Source of much fun and amusement. I occasionally do a shift in the town myself. I did one on Wednesday, it was a hoot.

Some really good arrests, got some people locked up where they belong. A good scuffle or two to get the blood flowing, cake and tea, what more can a cop ask for? Well apart from another slice of cake ;)