Blast From the Past

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

For The Very First Time

Since Part Time Polis Man has told us about their first shift, I thought I would do the same (probably because I cant think of anything to write about today!)

Anyway, I got all my kit into a big bag and got went to the police station. I had very little clue as to where I was to go when I arrived there. My duty had already been arranged with my "section officer"

I already had my airwave terminal with me as I was issued it at training a few weeks before, so had been listening to it at home picking up all the jargon and generally being a bit of a geek really!
All I needed to be issued with was my pava. I was taken to the store locker for the pava where I took out a cannister, weighed it, and signed it out to myself writing down the cannister number and weight into my pocket note book, which I also just got.
Once I had all this done, I stuck my stabbie on and all my other kit, got my tit hat out, and felt an absolute fool. It felt very very strange.

Anyway, off we go and head into the town centre on this busy Saturday afternoon. In all honesty, I was sh*tting myself!

What if people asked me things? I dont have a clue. So many thoughts going through my head!

We didnt go to any jobs, just plodded around town getting me to do a few PNC checks to get my radio confidence up, which went with no problems.

Was only a brief 4 hour shift, nothing bad happened, I still had all my limbs, my head was still attached, the only difference is that I was eager to get back out again. All those nervous feelings had gone.

Whatever happened to that worried, quiet me all that time ago??

Im interested to hear about your first shifts!


Anonymous said...

My 1st shift was awesome i ended up doing a pub walkthrough, with a drugs dog e.t.c and ended up helping 2 regulars restrain some giant drung glaswegian crackhed
Absolutely S**t myself!
talk about bein thrown in the deep end. lol

non pc pc said...

hold on let me get this had been issued with an airwave terminal which you took home and listened to whilst off duty? you are aware that this is illegal and at the very least you could be disciplined for it as it breaches so many codes of conduct plus data protection issues?
i hope you had permission off a ranking officer and it was noted and signed in your pnb.
dont want to be a killjoy mate but im aware of at least 1 special that was sacked for taking his radio home.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

We were issued them and had to take them home to charge them until we had our lockers. We were also told by our trainer (a regular sergeant) that we should listen to them to pick up the jargon etc, but obviously dont leave it lying around/others listen to it. Was all above board - none of my intake wanted to get in trouble before being let loose onto Scroatsville!

Anonymous said...

All first days are scary. Look on the bright side, at least you're not driving a £100k vehicle around :D :D

Mind you, 4 years on I'm still worried about my shifts, being nice to customers etc!!! :D :D

Glad you surived.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

blimey, what role are you doing that entails driving around in a car of that value!

PC Bloggs said...

must be driving the CC around, or the Gold Commander at least. Hey non pc pc - in my force we all take our airwaves home (we have to as no chargers at the nick). They are personal issue and there is no problem with listening at home - why should there be?

Anonymous said...

"hold on let me get this had been issued with an airwave terminal which you took home and listened to whilst off duty? you are aware that this is illegal [...]"

What tosh. There's even a NATIONAL STATUS CODE for "Using Terminal Off Duty", and officers in my force are REQUIRED to take them home to be charged. We even get PAID for the electricity used.

So don't go treating your force policy as a national blanket.