Blast From the Past

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cancel The Last

Sorted myself a new title thing! What do you think?


Anne Elizabeth said...

Looking good, SPC !
Nice work !

Have a good Tuesday.

Anne Elizabeth

AntiSocialWatch said...

Love it, made me laugh!!

DogsBody said...

Like it! Have you changed your Email address since changing over?

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

email address has stayed the same (

Gargoyle said...

Very nice, I'd like to ask how you did it, and change mine too but I am cheesed off with my Police career and I'm looking for something else. The Commissioner and the Government don't value our sincere efforts to mke this force work, and they don't deserve us. We are quitting at a higher rate than ever before. Time to go underground (or underwater) and earn obscene amounts of money. Thanks for your encouragement along the way.

BluesAndTwos said...

Hey Extra Special,

Posted this to the other thread, but it looks like this one is being used the most. Sorry for the duplicate.

The changes look good..... Flash, love the banner, reminds me of a May Day rally I did a few years back - Oh the fun we had with the swampies that day.... But that's another story!

How the hell did you do that?

Would like to do similar with mine, but will need an idiot's guide.

Would you mind PM'ing me on Police Oracle Forum user name Truncheon?

Blues And Twos

LockerRoom said...

Ha! Quality. Very curious also to know how you did that.....