Blast From the Past

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Have a look at this blog here. Its one disgruntled residents fight and moans about anti-social behaviour. Some of this sounds all too familier with Scroatsville. Bits I agree with the author, other bits I disagree - none the less very interesting to read and maybe even perhaps attitude changing!

Have had a hectic weekend which I shall write about soon


Poison-Dwarf said...

Thanks for the link, it must be frustrating as a copper but to witness this type of crap when you are a plain joe ( or Jane) bloggs, is just annoying. Take care.

frhe sjgg said...

Good Monday morning, SPC !

Going to go read it later tomday - thanks for the recommendation !

Looking forward to hearing about your weekend... which didn't I hope, have a lot of drunks in it !

Be Safe Out There.

Anne Elizabeth