Blast From the Past

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas (or is that Winterval?)

Christmas Day. First call comes in. Can we attend a burglary at Pine Tree Road. On arrival we are met by a distressed mother and 2 kids. They have had all their Christmas presents stolen as well as their new tv and other such items.

The mother had told us that she had been working all year long to pay for these presents for her kids. Through no fault of their own, someone had decided that these presents under the tree were intended for them, most probably to fund their crack habit.

Move onto the next job, a domestic. Yes its early for one. Turned out that wifey wasnt impressed that her husband hadnt got her what she wanted. Worse off, she found what she wanted hidden in a cupboard, labelled for Claire. Wifeys name was Erica. Oh dear. Not a nice christmas for wifey.

Next call was an RTC. A couple had been driving on their way to see their children and grandchildren, but a drink driver (yes its early but obviously it wasnt for some!) had gone into them trapping one occupant. Ambulance and Fire had arrived. The female was walking wounded but the male had to be cut out of the car and taken to hospital. The drink driver was arrested and taken to custody. Custody was looking no different today than any other day of the week. It was just very quiet with the odd bit of noise from one of the few we had in residence. The driver was breathalised and stuck in a cell.

We resumed.

Driving through Scroatsville was very quiet. Could smell all those delicious meals being cooked, the only thing I would be eating is that sandwich I made earlier. All those people seeing loved ones, unwrapping presents and having a good time (on the whole). No doubt there will be loads of alcohol fueled domestics in the evening.

Fortunatly for me, this post is fictional. But I have lots of respect for those officers who are on duty today and will be dealing with such incidents.

A Happy Christmas (NOT Winterval) to everyone!


Gargoyle said...

I also had to deal with the aftermath of Christmas. What a horrible time for some. Fortunately most could see that things could have been worse, but for some, it really couldn't have been.

We had many stabbings, serious assaults, rapes and murders in the lead-up.

I really felt for the family who got burgled on Christmas day and lost all the presents they had just opened before going to a relatives for lunch. Their neighbours were responsible for it, a well known crim family.

When I pulled up to the address, the neighbours kept looking over the fence at me. I sat in the car for a long while to see how uncomfortable I could make them, but they just bacame aggitated and started shaping up for a fight, I was untooled, so I just drove off and came back later.

The complainants knew it was them, I knew it, but I didn't get any evidence from the scene. Very frustrating... until I discovered there was property siezed by the attending Police, WELL DONE BOYS! Fingerprints! Yes!

sc d&c said...

Not quite Christmas day but.. Friday (known as factory friday in our parts) was a busy one. One chap got 'glassed' and I spent 3 lovely hours in A&E 'holding his hand' A couple of foot chases before saw the culprit in custard. Xmas eve was very 'Q' and today saw very little indeed apart from a drunken parent trying to look after two kids while very p***ed.