Blast From the Past

Friday, December 22, 2006

Arrogant Little Shit

One of my delightful customers (who was 44 years old) called me that - he is right though.

Got called to a pub where three blokes were being a pain and wouldnt leave. So in I go with a couple of collegues and find out whats happened, and confirm with the land lady that she wants these three removed. Two are fine about it apart from Mr (I am) Big. He wanted a full explanation why he was being asked to leave and wanted to finish his drink.

Paul (my collegue) "ok then, hurry up though"
Mr Big "yeah I am I am"

at this point his two mates who are alright, were trying to get him to hurry up. He then takes a dislike to me (apparently I gave him a "wrong look" whatever that is)

Mr Big "I dont like you, how old are you"
Me "I dont care if you dont like me, I just want you to drink that and get out"
Mr Big *wobbling on his feet a bit* "nah, I dont f***ing like you.

He then went off on one over and over again.

Once outside he continued with the "abuse" and threats. If I didnt have that headache and need for a coffee then I would have just locked him up for DnD.


Anonymous said...

You should have nicked him as he will think it is acceptable to do that again. I would have regardless.

sc d&c said...

Why not just go around to his house (if known) and issue a PND £80 may help him see the error in his ways. Stuck someone on in the same way last night, the day before he was being a 'down sitting' member of the community so we gave him a ticket at his house in front of his wife.

hobbybobby said...

Sounds like we both met the undesirables this weekend, SPC!

Fortunately most of the other MOP's that spoke to me this this weekend just wanted to wish me and my colleagues a Happy Christmas... Hope you have a good one too!!!

Anonymous said...

he may be an undesirable but with an attitude like yours coming out with 'bothered' etc etc would have only fired up the situation. Have you never heard of tact comms?

Yes some of the people we have to deal with are a complete pain in the neck, but surely our role is to rise above that and remain professional and not potentially make the situation escalate.

Far better to calm a situation down and get them to comply with your request , if they wont, lock em up no need to act like an arrogant little shit - your words not mine !

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