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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Restorative Justice

What a pile of fluffy liberal crap.

For those who are unsure of what restorative justice is,

"where victims have an opportunity to express the full impact of the crime upon their lives, to receive answers to any lingering questions about the incident, and to participate in holding the offender accountable for his or her actions. Offenders can tell their story of why the crime occurred and how it has affected their lives."

I see some problems with this.

1) The little shit that smashed my car window for example, if I were to have a "session" with him and listen to why they did it, it would more than likely look like this:

  • I was bored
  • It was a dare
  • I wanted the cd player
  • I wanted the couple of quid you might have in your ash tray
  • I accidently threw the brick through your window, it was meant for the old lady walking past
To be honest, I would be far to tempted to knock the little shit into next week than listen to the rubbish which is going to come out of his gob.

2) What sorts of crimes is this appropriate for? Theft? Common Assault? ABH? GBH? Murder? Who decides?

3) Who would organise it?
  • Not enough police officers to organise it although im sure they can take more frontline officers and stick them in offices for it
  • Social Services? Might take a very long time for them to sort something, if there is somebody on call and you dont get the answerphone. If not, your screwed
  • A new body which can be given millions of pounds to become yet another government faliure
4) Would people actually be interested in meeting their offender and "forgiving them" and all that fluffy stuff??

Ladies and gentlemen, your thoughts please


sc d&c said...

Recentley had a letter from a scumbag that assaulted me, obviously written by his brief and signed without reading by the crayon wielding yob. Expressing his apologies for the whole thing,it made me feel worse and like shoving the letter where the sun doesn't shine.Mind you he did get 22 months, probably out in 12.

James said...

If I thought he meant it I'd probably be satisfied with an apology, at least for minor stuff; if anything, I outright pity most of these kids.

sc d&c said...

When I said "crayon wielding yob" I was talking about his mentality. He's a 27 year old drug user, willing to kick, bite and spit to try to get away. I agree 'if' it was a kid I would be more open to an apology.

Jimbob said...

When they create proper restorative justice, ie, 5 minutes with a baseball bat, alone in a room with them, then I'll be interested.

I can't think of a single reason that they could possibly put up as an excuse that could either make me feel better or feel sorry for them.

Annette said...

The only thing I would want to do with the b.....d that smashed my back window and cost me nearly £200.00, would be to smash his head in. Through my back window. Then I wouldn't mind paying another £200.00 to get it mended!!!

AntiSocialWatch said...

I agree with Jimbob, 5 minutes with a baseball bat sounds good.

blackinblue said...

I need to add a perspective. With hate crime restorative justice is an option providing the offender listens and stops hating people. Might work with young attitudes. Alot depends on the type of crime, as to whether restorative justice can work. Extra special take care.

blackinblue said...

OK OK it is a bit fluffy!

PC Bloggs said...

If I could guarantee the following I would do it:
1. The kid will cry.
2. His parent will cry.
3. I can invite his friends around to watch them both cry.

Anonymous said...

In some ways I like the idea of putting some of you in a room with your assailants, because odds are you'd end up bashed again. Which might teach you something about the usefulness of violence as a solution.

In my experience (in NZ) the conferences are fairly worthwhile with some offenders (I've been to two, both reasonable) but I've heard of some disasters where the criminal regarded it as an easy out and there was no way to go back and say "nail him up". But watching a kid shamed in front of its parents seems to work less badly than putting them in criminal school.

glad to be retired said...

A few years ago while working in the control room of a town centre Police station, a female wheelchair user who had been in the cells earlier for shoplifting had left by taxi, for some reason the taxi driver brought her back to the Police station about midnight. She demanded a bed for the night which was of course refused. She went out of the door and picked on the first car she came to (Mine). she took the arm off her wheelchair and smashed my rear windscreen. (She got her bed for the night). Repair cost £400. Went to court, ordered to pay £200 compensation, ie half. I asked why and was told 'We take into account her ability to pay' About 3 months later I got a letter from the court stating that she had not paid anything and asking if they could 'Write it off'. I of course refused. Another few months go by, I receive a letter from the court saying that the woman had received a prison sentence for yet another offence and as a result they had written off the compensation. I was not impressed! This person has been a thief and all round nuisance for at least 15 years before this and was still just the same 10 years later. There was no way she was ever going to pay the compensation, I don't think she ever paid a fine anymore than she ever held paid employment