Blast From the Past

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Weekend Rottweiler

Friday & Saturday nights are full of lovely wonderful people. However, this week I shall focus upon the "Rottweiler".

They are female, and usually quite small and young. They look the sort who are quite quiet and tame. This ofcourse changes in the blink of an eye.

Walking along were two girls and they bumped into another girl. One of these girls decided that this was blatently out of order, and began to (attempt) to beat the shit out of the other girl. Luckily there was an officer there talking to someone who seperated them. On arrival (from down the road - was bloody hectic but thats another story!) all we could see was a girl having to be held back (like a dog on a lead) and she was shouting and swearing so much that Gordan Ramsey would be proud! She was lunging forward trying to get this girl and "kick er ed in".

Her and her sister walked off after some "gentle pursuasion" and the other girl was held back (well, she stayed really) to chat to an officer. She dissapears to get a taxi and the officer walks up the street, myself and my collegue hop back on the van hoping that we will wake up shortly as the past 45 minutes have been so sureal!

Oh but guess what, the Rottweiler has kicked off again as they had gone to the same cab rank (after we tried so hard not to let them!)

We get there to find an officer inside the cab office with the Rottweiler lashing out and getting quite violent really for such a small person. Ofcourse there were loads of spectators watching all this. Next thing, she decides to lash out at an officer inside the office and ends up being floored. Now, for a small person, she went down with a huge bang!! Officers outside the office who were not even looking heard her go down!
Next thing she has is a big bloke ontop of her back handcuffing her.
Did she burst into tears realising the error of her ways and realising that her ribs have been totally smashed (they hadnt suprisingly!) did she hell! Even more swearing and shouting! Ah well.

Stick her in the van until another van comes to take her to custody. The van arrives (which already has 3 prisoners on - talk about busy!)

If only we can film people and give them the tape in the morning.


PC South West said...

She should have been nicked for section 4 the first time round!!
Whenever we let people like her have a chance, it often ends in a more serious incident a bit later anyway. I don't give her sort a chance to start again later.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Im suprised she wasnt locked up earlier to be honest! Perhaps officers were put off having to take prisoners to another station and having a 2 hour holding bay wait with no chance of overtime

Annette said...

Rottweiler sounds like the right word for this young lady.

blackinblue said...

I actually was going to ask, what does a Rockweiller have to do with this? LOL. Now I see. She was built like one.

Anonymous said...

Film them, damn fine idea but get the tape handed to their parents and employers instead, make it well known that this will happen.