Blast From the Past

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Shots Fired

Have a read of this story

Imagine if this system were implemented in the UK. It would come up that shots have been fired. In the US they would send someone straight away. In the UK, we use an "alternative approach" which could possibly be:

1) Shots Fired
2) Control Room made aware
3) Control Room Inspector informed
4) Relevant Commanders made aware
5) Meeting to discuss what to discuss in the meeting
6) Meeting held
7) Debate as to whether to send in local bobby's or armed bobby's
8) Decided to send armed bobby's
9) But should they be covert or overtly armed
10) Decided.
11) ARV dispatched
12) Arrive
13) ASNT - nobody there. Call came in 2 hours ago.

Perhaps if it detected domestics it would be better, with domestics being a priority and all.


PC South West said...

No no no no Extra Special.
You forgot that they would send a lone Bobby to go directly to the scene on his own with only his CS spray for protection.

Anonymous said...

But he's not allowed to use the CS spray in case the person pointing the gun at him had a disturbed childhood.