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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The World Wide IdiotNet

I am a member of quite a few forums, police related and non police related, in particular a few car ones. Something that I have noticed on various forums is that on some, there are members who are anti police and like to boast about killing people and causing actual death (although last time I checked, no actual death was caused and its just some twat, more than likely with a shell suit thinking he is 'ard when in fact he is probably some nerd, but thats not the point)

There is one forum which I am not a member of, although enjoy a good read on occasionally (one of my friends posts on there) which does make me laugh sometimes, but I shall not name it sadly. There was a thread a while back which was brought to my attention by a friend which was very amusing, it was basically some idiot on there slagging the police off over something which happened to them! Fair enough, we all have our opinions!

Occasionally, threads come up (other forums than the one above) titled "how many of you dont declare mods/engines" and go on to talk about having cars with bigger engines in but not telling the insurance companies! Are these people thick or what!!! There are be several police officers on the forum, and if one idiot posted that they did this, they would definitly hunted down and done for that!! Obviously as they have not declared it there car wont be insured!

Occasionally threads will come up about how they have just been given a producer and how bad it is and that they have had their human rights violated and other pointless shit and generally acting a drama queen!

"Why were you given one then, why were you stopped" is what people will ask, I would, I wanna know what stupid thing this prick has done! They usually reply with something along the lines of going too fast, or drifting halfway to Skegness causing more smoke to come off the tyres than Hemel Hemstead, or some other act of complete stupidity! Could you imagine what they want the conversation to be??

Scroat: *does 50 through a 30 finished off by a handbrake turn*
Officer *pulls over Citroen Saxo* "do you know why I have stopped you?"
Scroat: "cos my moove was bad ass innit ya piggy"
Officer: "damn straight my man, 'twas mint, 'innit"

Seriously, is this what they expect to happen?? I do wonder why they run off onto the security of their internet forum where they can act the big man and cry about how they have been given a HORT1 instead of being sent to bloody court for driving like a prick!!!

Here is an example of the "innocent motorist" scenario:

On my way home from visiting my grandmother this afternoon, less than half a
mile from my house, drviving completely legally and an unmarked Vectra gives me
the ol' blues and two's so I pull over.Get asked to sit in the back of their
car, and they just started asking me if my car was legal, whether I was insured
etc - whether i'd had a drink today blah blah blah...I got arsey, asked them if
they'd done any real work today
, so they got arsey and wrote me a ****ing
producer for absolutely no reason!

Yeah, because getting arsey and coming out with cocky comments like that is going to do you favours!! Also, I wonder if these people are familier with S163 Road Traffic Act? So yes we can give producers for "absolutely no reason" I bet had he not been arsey he would have not got a 7 day wonder!

On a lighter note, a similar situation occured with someone else (on another forum) and they were not bothered at all! Infact they were talking about the car with the police officer!

Why are these different attitudes? Why is it that they happen? Well, there are many explanations so if you know of any, do let me know!!

You may be thinking to yourself, "where is this leading to?" Well, this does lead to somewhere!
Someone on one of these forums is wondering what to do, they know of someone who has an untaxed and uninsured car and drives it regularly, but they are not a grass so dont want to go to the police. Therefore, without this information, the police cant act upon this. Many people are saying how uninsured drivers are the scum of the earth (which they are - I pay high insurance rate, so should they, oh and its only high because of these cheap people who think they dont need it) and they should be locked up for it!

Ah ha! This is where there is a problem!! Forgetting about ANPR for this moment, how are the police going to know which cars are uninsured? Well, they are going to pull them over, so here is the problem. These people dont like it when we pull them over, but they dont like people who drive uninsured! So what do we do? Ah I suppose we could act upon the information given to us by the we cant as they dont want to "grass". So which bloody one is it then, what do you want us to do??? So we are damned if we do and damned if we dont!! If we pull them over, we are evil gits and have nothing better to do, yet if we dont pull them over and find they have no insurance, we are lazy gits who should be catching people who drive without insurance!!!

Apologies about the length of this, I am not actually sure what I have talked about, it just seems one long rant!! But the moral of this story is . . . . . erm . . . *sigh* I give up!

Please note that I will not give up, I am fed up of these muppets coming on to forums boasting about how they dont have insurance, drive like twats etc etc and are stupid enough to have a photo of their car and the town they live in on their profile, I assure you if I see them they will get pulled, and checked! Just like every other muppet who does wrong on the roads, oh and have I got nothing better to do that pick on innocent motorists, shouldnt I be out catching real criminals . . . well how do criminals travel? I dont think they teleport!


Anonymous said...

Haha, our force turns un-insured cars into pretty looking cubes, free of charge too.. me thinks: now do you wish you had insurance.. asshole.. :)

caramaena said...

Rant away - it's good reading :)

BluesAndTwos said...

Hi Extra Special.

Welcome aboard, I look forward to reading your posts over the coming months.

Blog safe and Keep safe.

Blues And Twos.

smileynum1 said...

:D keep doing your Jobs and get the uninsured fools off the roads :P I've just paid over a grand for my insurance for a year (I've just passed) and i do not want anyone hitting my shiny car without insurance, good Job lads :)