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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Seatbelts and Mobile Phones

This topic is one which really bugs me. I am one who will happily give out tickets to anyone not wearing a seatbelt or who drives on a mobile phone. Some people think this is quite "power hungry" but I myself couldnt give a toss if people think this. Its illegal, as is theft, robbery and murder. I am not comparing these crimes, but there is a point to this. Reading on a forum I go on which is a car related one, several members are police officers and one of them attended an RTC last night to which a girl in the back was not wearing a seatbelt.

This young girl suffered severe injuries and is likey to require constant care for the rest of her life, if she survives. This is tragic and was so easily avoidable.

Now, back to the ticket issuing part...some members on there are saying how they always see people without seatbelts on and on their phones, with police cars being about yet nothing ever gets done, and they want to see people getting pulled over and ticketed! Whats the problem I hear you ask?? Well, I dont mind giving them out, but people are also saying "your just picking on innocent motorists, go catch real criminals" etc etc. What are we supposed to do???

1) We do as the public want and ticket these people, yet are seen as being power hungry and picking on innocent motorists
2) We let people carry on and go and catch "real criminals" and the public will think we are a lazy bunch of gits who couldnt give a toss!!

So which one is it?

Mobile ones is another one that pisses me off. Why do it? Are you really that busy that you have to talk and drive at the same time? I doubt it, unless of course you drive a BMW and are in your suit, because quite clearly you are exempt from the mobile phone laws and the Road Traffic Act!!

Is it that hard to stick an earpiece in that comes with your phone, or to pull over, or even, shock horror, wait until later to ring them back!!!

I was in a plain car the other week (no lights and sirens unfortunatly) when at some traffic lights we came alongside a car with the woman on her phone, it was a nice say so had the window wound down. My collegue beeped the horn, she looked and I shouted at her to get off the phone. Guess what she did?? Apologised and put the phone down... If you thought that you are wrong!! She smiled, waved, carried on talking, and drove off!!! Anyway, we stopped her a bit further up and gave her a ticket, and it was the age old excuse of "sorry, it was only a quick call" Oh but that child was only quickly crossing the road infront of you but you hit them as you were to busy farting about on your phone (hypothetical situation). She saw my point.

It just really really winds me up, such a simple thing as well! But at the end of the day, whats a £30 fine to them?? Hopefully it will be put up to £60 and three points, perhaps people will get the message then!!


DogsBody said...

Have just found your blog from one of your comments on Semper Fi.
I totally agree with you on the mobile and seatbelts issue - The best one I've heard of was one of my shift tugged someone for using a phone - walked up to her door and asked her to step out, she opened the window and said, "Hang on a minute will ya, i'm on the bloody phone!"
Good Blog - keep it up i'll put a link to you on my sidebar

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Thanks very much for your comment! That sounds like a fantastic moment!!

I will also add you to my sidebar :)

Joe90 said...
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Joe90 said...

Excellent blog, a good read.

I have that same feeling towards people who drive while using mobile phones. All it takes is a split second and they could kill an innocent child or bystander.

That's how serious it is.

M2KB said...

You will ALWAYS have my support to ticket for phone and seatbelt offences. I've unfortunately (whilst on traffic attachment) seen the horrendous outcome of not wearing a seat belt in a 50mph collision.

Anonymous said...

Good points but why are smokers excluded from this... Afterall they get a fag out of the package while driving, they sort a light while driving, they then light and smoke while driving and then to top it all they throw it out the window when they have finished. And if in any doubt have you ever seen a fag butt in a smokers car ash tray I know I haven't!!