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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Never any bobbies, Never any cars!

"Ah yes, another rant" you may be thinking! Well, this kind of is and isnt, but mainly is im afraid!
Went to the nick the other day with the intention of getting a car and going out on my own for a bit doing some jobs and talking to a few people, all is well until I get to the station, and there are no cars. So I go looking in other departments who have cars and none are available or there is nobody about! "Right ok then" I say to myself and go over to the people who "run the joint" and talk to the sgt there who tells me its handover soon, she will try and get me a car for later. Now this sgt is good and has got me some good cars before so yeah thats great, I will crew with a regular for a bit then come back. End up doing some shitty job taking enough statements to last me a lifetime! Have a few blue light runs which end up with no jobs at the end of them so great!

Go back to the nick and get hold of a car! Hoooraaaah!! Or not. Another sgt point to points me and TELLS me to give the keys to someone as they have no car. So me being a bit pissed off at this point do this, and look for a car myself (as these others apparently cant be arsed to as they are that keen!) Dont find any so go back out again with the regular.

Lets fast forward a few hours . . .

The officer that took my keys hasnt left to sodding station yet, there is a yard full, I shit you not, FULL of cars which have NOT moved in the past 8 hours! This really pissed me off, I was very keen to go out and do some jobs, and when I do I get shed loads of jobs done, why is today any different? What pisses me off about this?

Well, this sgt (the second one) I dont think likes specials at all, he doesnt know what I am capable of, what I do, that many other sgts let me get on and do things as they know I am more than capable of doing them, that I dont just turn up for the sodding village fetes, that I do whatever I am sent to, that some regular officers even ask me on some aspects of the law, that I do shed loads of hours, that I dedicate my self to doing the job when I am on duty (look at my head grow) so why can I not be trusted to take a car out for a few hours whilst this sgt is on??

So there is a yard full of cars but where are the bobbies? Well, the one that I had to give the car to was still sat in the office doing, well, bugger all to be honest, just seemed to be on the intranet, a few others were tied up with paperwork which would take them a few hours to finish off, another was in custody and was going to interview the suspect and a few other cars where the keys were nowhere to be found! Why did I have to give the keys up? Why cant people not be so selfish and give the car up if they are not going to use it? I can understand giving a car up to someone but if they are not going to bloody use it!!

So next time Joe Public moans that they never see any bobbies on the street, its probably because there are never any cars available in the same yard where a dozen are sat!!


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ExtraSpecialCopper said...

it depends on the force, my force you can after a year and can blue light to pull cars over and scene protection etc, but cant use it to get to jobs, currently as things stand you cant take a response course hope that helps!

for more info on the specials go to

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, great blog keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You want to get a grip, it seems to me that all you want to do is swan round in a marked car so lots of people will look at you and be impressed.

Yet you profess to be a shit hot bobby and you moan like a twat when you have to do a few statements.
Wind your neck in and take the rough with the smooth.

As for some skippers not liking specials, it's hardly suprising when you find out what some are like.
We up until recently had 4.
one who is a good egg works hard, one who is shit scared of his own shadow (but is a nice lad), one who left to join an adjoining force (thank christ as he was next to useless, where the collapable signs in the back of the car are harder working at traffic control) and a female who as far as we can see is trying to "latch" on to her self appointed "tutor" as she wont work with anybody else, (or do any real work for that matter).

So find out what eveybody else thinks of you and if the truth aisnt too painful, adapt and get on with it.
If you don't like it, become a PCSO or join the job as a regular.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Thank you "anonymous" for such nice comments!
1) where did I mention marked car
2) where did I mention I want to swan about
3)I didnt moan about doing the statements, i simply said that the job it was about was shitty, believe it or not there is a difference
4) why tar all specials with the same brush? Are you a regular or special. lets hope you dont have to press the red button and its a special that comes to help you hey!

I am not going to delete your comment as I find it very amusing to be honest! You off your high horse yet?

Anonymous said...

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, oh man I never thought I would see two coppers fight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous because I can't be arsed to have an account and get at plethora of shite e-mails selling me rubbish.

Yes I am a regular. No I don't tar you all with the same brush. 50% of you work hard and do support us, 30% are learning to be like the 50% and 20% like the free clothes and wannabe a bobbie but either are too scared to join for fear of failure or are on a easy power trip as their normal jobs are so lacking simulus or responsibility that they'll seek out somewhere to find some.

As for pressing the "red button", if you are familar with Airwave system then you'll recall that it is shite, the handsets are not worth a wank and fail at the most inopportune moments. The comms ops are either having reffs or rambling on such other bollocks to somebody else that they miss the icon pop up on their screen and ignore the warbling bleep in their ear.
Thus I have learnt to deal with most things myself. Any way, it'll be the colleagues with cars that will come running, so I won't be expecting you as you can't get a car or respond with lights and two tones!! (dig dig).
By the way, your tone did indicate that you were unhappy about doing the statments, even if it is a shitty job, thus moaning!!

As for high horse, can't ride, glad you didn't delete my comments, as I took simply ages to find your site as it does not seam to be affiliated to any of the other prominant blog sites and I wanted to read your naturally hurt and defensive reply.

Now I wonder which percentage you fall in??????????????????????

Anonymous said...

fuck off anonymous you sad twat, you must be a dinosaur to have views like yours, lets hope you get the shit kicked out of you and a special comes to your rescue - unless ofcourse they turn up and you ask them to go away.