Blast From the Past

Monday, April 10, 2006

New Side Links

Today I have added two new side links to my blog for you all to visit!

Firstly there is The Experieces of a Police Probationer which is, well . . . the name gives it away!

Secondly there is A Year In the Life of a Police Dispatcher which is an absolutely fantastic insight to what goes on "behind the scenes" of frontline policing! It shows the hard work and commitment which the "Radio Controllers" put in!

All my sidelinks are well worth reading and I hope to be adding more soon :)


Anonymous said...

I have got to the point where I actually can't keep up with all the blogs on my blog roll. It got to the point where it was taking my whole lunch break to read all of them.. Just the creme-de-la-creme now.

M2KB said...

It does get like that doesn't it. Fortunately I have no life outside of work so keeping up with my blogroll is not too difficult. ;)

Cheers for the link, by the way.