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Monday, April 10, 2006

Police Look Like Nazi's

Well, apparently according to Edinburgh councilors! The news story is from (or here for those who just simply want to click!)

Seriously, do these people not have other things to moan about, such as crime rates in their area, or what new paintings can be put in in their offices using taxpayers money? No, they choose the pointless exercise of moaning about police uniforms!!

Here is a particular quote which I find quite amusing:

"The new uniform gives out the wrong message. It's very aggressive-looking and
makes you think of stormtroopers. There are violent, negative, fascist
connotations associated with it. "

How exactly does it give out the wrong message, what message exactly is the uniform supposed to give out? I dont understand that! So if anyone knows what message it is supposed to give out, please let me know!

As for aggressive looking, I personally cant see this uniform as aggressive looking at all!! Infact, its much less aggressive looking than what I currently wear!!

The picture to the left (ignoring the guns) is pretty much what we are wearing at the moment, now, I for one think that this looks far more aggressive looking than the uniform being moaned about!!

Now whenever I have been out on foot patrol (which is rare I must add, only when the weather is nice and I need to get a probationer a nice easy arrest) I have had loads of people come up to me and talk to me, so Mr or Mrs Scottish councilor, what exactly did you mean when you said:

"The officers look like a souped-up SAS. When they visit schools or homes for the
elderly they will not seem like approachable people"

Like I said, I have many people coming and talking to me when I am dressed up like im in the SAS or something (apparently!)

I for one do like the new uniform mentioned in the article, although I would have thought that there would be some sort of police markings on there with some checkered bands or something, but perhaps the police might then look like souped up traffic wardens!

Perhaps instead of moaning about stupid little things like this they should support their officers who do a great job to the people of Edinburgh!


M2KB said...

I think I'd miss white shirts if they ever got taken away. I know they are horribly impractical but they do like nice (what little can be seen of them over the stab vests and bat belt, anyway).

I've linked to your blog, keep up the stirling work sir!

DogsBody said...

My fleece is great - keeps out the cold and zips all the way up to my chin - ideal for keeping warm on those cold nasty nights!
I just wish I could replace my shirt with a polo shirt - much easier when your grappling with Jonny Scrote on the floor.
Also like the way we've been told we're not allowed to put things in the pockets of our combat trousers - health and safety or something (might stick out and get cought on a table!)
My fleece seems to be different to the one in the picture as it has reflective bands around the chest area and a big police patch on the back.

Semper Fi said...

Another good blog!

I sense Liberty crying to the government for that story to have crept up personally...

Let's face it, our uniform not the right design in this day and age. Running with a polyester shirt and trousers on? Let's get real...

We should adopt the LAPD style of uniform I reckon. Sod what the MPs say they don't do our job! Imagine if we turned the tides and said "Police Officers think MP's look too lazy dressed in formal wear" i'm sure they'd tell us where to go.

Keep up the good work matey!

Anonymous said...

Dogsbody - your fleece keeps you warm?! thats hardly fair, ours are wafer thin and you have to wear about four to feel any benefit (produces a slightly weird Michelin-bobby look). Are you serious about being told you can't have things in your pockets for H&S reasons?

DogsBody said...

Anonymous, I'm deadly serious, they don't mind us putting things in the normal pockets (nice of them!) but we're not allowed to put things in the "combat" pockets on the legs of the trousers - stupid huh! although I pay no attention to that and have my PNB in one and my stop/search pad in the other :)