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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Non Tale of the Criminal Damage...

..and the Taxi Driver.

Come across a taxi stopped in the middle of the road with two males squaring up to each other. Yep - you have probably guessed it, the taxi driver and the passenger.

The passengers issue was that he didnt want to pay to go all the way home. He was only just leaving the town centre and had been charged £4.00. It should be a £6 journey in total. I can see his problem, the taxi driver was having a go at trying to make a few more quid. Sadly for him, the passenger was sober and knew this.

A collegue spoke to this male who was a dead pleasant chap, and apparently his dad is a Chief Inspector in a neighbouring force. I got the short straw of the taxi driver!

He went on about how the male had kicked his car, and it went a little like this:

Him: He has kicked my car.......twice!
Me: Where is the damage?
Him: Here, look, look
*nothing to see at all, not even a foot mark!*
Me: I dont see anything at all *check around that area too*
Him: He did it, I want him arrested, I want him prosecuted
Me: There is no damage, I cant do any of this!
Him: You have to, you have to prosecute
Me: I cant, and I wont
Him: This is f***ing stupid
Me: Im sorry, but there is no damage or anything!
Him: You are useless, you are not doing your job properly, your a f***ing idiot, I have had enough of you lot, you are all s**t.
Me: Easy, there is no need to get worked up! There is no damage, your not injured or anything, calm down.
Him: You are useless you lot are, all a bunch of idiots, I want your number, your PC number.
Me: *I assumed he meant collar number* Ofcourse you can, its ***.
Him: I am going to complain that you are not doing your job properly.
Me: Oh right, I have said why I cant and wont do anything! I will have words with the male though
*take down his badge number and cab number*
Me: *recieves more abuse* How about I ring taxi licensing and let them know how rude, abusive, and threatening you have been towards me, how you will not listen to my explanation, and your threats to passengers??
Him: Ok ok sir, I sorry I understand, please dont please dont, I will lose my taxi.

Touché good sir!


sergeant says said...

heh in reply to your comment on mine- yes more entitled to moan than most! ;-)

Banner said...

Here in Ireland, don't know if it is the same in England, there is an actual summons you can issue if a taxi driver is rude to you = pleasant cabbies to Guards or a court date

Anonymous said...

Yes i'm back blogging.
PC Common Sense (Sensible Policing)

Brand new bobby said...

Your hotmail addy isn't working ;)

PCFrankyFact said...

Report him to taxi licensing. Go on.

purse said...

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