Blast From the Past

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Liberation

Driving through Scroatsville town centre, we saw Tim being hassled by people. Being pushed about, jumped on, and mis treated. In the van, we mounted a mission to rescue Tim from this crowd. We spend a good few minutes planning the operation, risk assessing the situation and taking on board any diversity and human rights issues which may arise. We then commenced the operation.

We got Tim away from the abusive group and gave them strong words of advice for their conduct. They looked as if we had just taken away all their fun, totally ruining their evening.

We had.

Whilst the abusive group were distracted, we grabbed Tim and struggled to get him on the van, but eventually we did.

The sgt called up control and informed them of the sitation and that we were going to take Tim away from the scene for his own protection, and promptly left the scene.

Eventually we made it to the safety of Sainsburys, where Tim the Trolley was liberated.

For those wondering, yes it was a quiet night!


PC South West said...

Did you have a debrief and discuss the impact you may have had on the group by depriving them of Tim.
Maybe you could have given them a voucher to spend in exchange.

It must have been quiet!

mr.grumpy said...

I sincerely hope you set up and consulted a focus group to discuss the ramifications of trolley deprivation on the target demographic.

Si said...

Their Must have been paper work for an operation of that size... lol

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

We did have a debrief, however, we did come to the conclusion that the operation could have been more sucessful. Luckily nobody deployed their spray so no use of forms were required. We are also thankful that the trolley was from Sainsbury's, had it been from Tesco then we would have had to get hate crimes involved and booked it on as a racial incident