Blast From the Past

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dont Investigate Mispers

Having a read on it became clear why people dislike having to attend mispers.

"TWO fuming cops had to fork out £90 after their police car was clamped as they hunted for a missing person.

One of the officers had to draw cash from his bank account to get their marked Ford Fusion released after an hour and a half.

They parked in a private car park at 10.45am on Bank Holiday Monday — and a team from Aquarius Securities fixed a yellow clamp to a front wheel.

Witness Jim Birmingham, 45, said: "I was absolutely gobsmacked. When I caught his eye, the clamper looked at me with a little smile. The police were not a happy bunch."

Barry McQuile, of Aquarius Securities, said that the car was only clamped when it became clear the police were not on business at the firm that leases the car park space in Portsmouth, Hants.

He said: "Police need to realise they’re not above the law."

But Inspector John Anderson said the clamping firm had failed to use common sense.

He added: "The officers were investigating a case of a high-risk missing person. They were only gone five minutes. An employee has been reported for obstructing police."

Well, almost a detection out of it.


GirlNextDoor said...

What an absolute muppet that clamper is. Common Sense has officially left the building!

dickiebo said...

Seems he's the sort of 'iriot' (apologies to Benny Hill) who perches behind speed cameras!

Charlie Lima said...

I have had dealing with these types of clampers before, where the hell do they get the authority to clamp/remove a persons car then ransom it for what ever sum they see fit?? I am not aware of anything in the RTA 1988 or any other law.

They are simply the highway men of the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Bit of an old one that apparently, dating from sseveral years ago.

This link shows what happened to the clamping people involved:

andrew c said...

How can the public respect the law if the Police consider themselves above it?

Can the public park on the Police Station car park in an emergency?

Private property is private property and the police have no special rights to park on it.

The clamper may, of course, have been getting revenge for some previous incident.....

By the way..... does anyone remember when Jeremy Beadle filmed pedestrians reactions to a "faked" clamped police car.... the Traffic Warden that came along was a real hoot!

(PS - I hate clampers, too.)

Noddy said...

Up our way that would be theft and extortion (and obstruction thrown in to boot). The company could seek civil recompense for the Polis 'abusing' their parking area, but I doubt they'd get much sympathy.

Anonymous said...

sadly, that's my landlord -.-

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