Blast From the Past

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Bill

Have to love "The Bill".

One of many things on it which would be great if real is when dealing with an incident!

The Bill

  • Get sent grade one to a 2 day old theft
  • Turn up on blues/legging it on foot
  • Talk to the owner, find out it was tens of thousands of pounds worth of goods taken, get a full perfect description with the offender caught on cctv with a full view of their face, drivers license with name and address on it too.
  • Leave the store after hearing this without doing any paperwork, taking statements, booking on crimes, spot the offender, chase them, and arrest them


  • Control calls for someone to attend 2 day old theft
  • No reply, so straws are drawn
  • Officers attend in the hope of being diverted to another job
  • Once they arrive, the item stolen comes to a value of £2.34, the cctv is of poor quality, all you can see is a blurred person in dark clothing as the camera was facing the wrong way, the disc of the cctv cant be released until the morning manager comes in the next day, the store worker is also unable to provide a good description.
  • Take statement
  • Book on crime
  • Give shop crime number
  • Leave
  • Go back to the nick and complete more paperwork


Anonymous said...

Hee hee...maybe you should get in contact with the writers of The Bill and tell them about how the UK police Force is really run and managed!

Deltagolffivefive said...

Well I'd love to have their "clear up rate", but look at all the cops at that nick who die violent deaths... What a way to earn a living!