Blast From the Past

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What I Saw Today

A driving instructor driving about on his phone. I do wonder what he would say if one of his pupils decided to do this.

Another thing I saw today . . .

Why is it perfectly legal for someone to, whilst driving, mess about in their handbag looking for their fags, find them, open the packet, stick a fag in their mouth, search around for the lighter, attempt to light the cigarette, find the lighter doesnt work so have to pay even more attention to the lighter trying to get it to work, even using their other hand.
However, its illegal to hold something to your ear and will soon carry 3 points and £60 fine.

Go figure.

(by the way, before I get jumped on, I do not think using a phone whilst driving is a good idea)


dickiebo said...

You are dead right, mate. I'm always terrified that my son will have an accident whilst he is faffing around with the CD Player!

Possible Piper said...

Isn't that illegal as driving without due care and attention, or failing to be in proper control of the vehicle, or something like that?

You know, what they used to do phone users for before the FPNs came in.

PC South West said...

It is definitely an offence to not be in proper control of a motor vehicle. so the second event you speak of is an offence.
I hate people who drive while on their mobile and nearly always stick them on, given the chance. I would always deal with a professional driver for that one, especially a driving instructor, he/she should know better.
I am just waiting for someone to start ranting about how they saw a police officer on his phone. Well it wasn't me!!

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

I have been out with an officer who drove whilst on his phone . . . . . I was quite ashamed really

Jam,es said...

Next time, do us all a favour and either pull them over or give their numberplate to Control when you get into work.

PCFrankyFact said...

Driving around on his phone????
I know that technology is advancing in these gadgets but I gotta get me one those.
I was happy enough with a built in mp3 player but a phone you can actually drive around on.
How do you steer it?

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

James, he was dealt with, gave a bobby a call who I had just seen a few minutes prior - its his pet hate!

PC Franky Fact, I think you steer it with bluetooth to your mind or something

James said...