Blast From the Past

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ok Sarge

Start duty at 1800 hours, get kitted up etc with another special. Aim of the night, (just like any other regular night ie. same shift each week) is to take out a car and respond to jobs and in the quiet hours to get a few competencies for my collegue.

Off I go to get a car and there are quite a few hanging up so instead of taking on I go and ask the sergeant if I can have one.

"Sarge, can I borrow a car this evening please, you got a few hanging up"
"What are you doing tonight?"

I then explain what I am doing, and that I do the same thing when I go out with another special.

Sgt.: "Well, I rather you didnt have a marked car"
Me: "How come if I can ask?"
Sgt: "Incase you get flagged down by someone"
Me: "Yeah and...?"
Sgt. "Incase you dont know what they want"
Me: "Riiiiight"

Off I go and get a plain car.

2 FPN's
2 PND's
1 arrested for assault
1 arrested for drink driving
2 crimes booked on with statements taken
12 "incidents" attended


SergeantSays said...

Heh poor girl she can't help being new! A touch rude though. Oh and I think I know what my equivalent is but whats an NEFPN?

BigFellainBlue said...

You can come and work with me in the city any day of the week, we need more like you that can get stuck in as the thin blue line turns to a speck and I am working by myself on the patch and the response crews are tied up as it hits 2am and the clubs kick out!!!

Sarge, I think its a Non Endorseable Fixed Penalty Ticket if its the same as we use.

Anonymous said...

yep non endorsable fixed penalty notice :)

Cheers bigfella - I shall add you to my sidebar too

Anonymous said...

by the way anon at 10:06 is me - blogger wont let me sign in on my own blog!


Lennie Briscoe said...

Tell me about it. It aint easy learning all that though. Respect to you. I continually struggle with the paperwork and process but can do the business on the street. No probs with traffic process and gimme a ruck any day!
We need more like you to bring our profile up. Whats your secret?

extraspecialcopper said...

Lennie, the secret is pro-specials sergeants who are willing to show you/get their team to show you how to do these things :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds exactly like a typical Friday or Saturday night in Essex. That's if there is a car to go around in.