Blast From the Past

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hell Hath No Fury a lesbian domestic. Not the PC word to use, but I dont really care as im not saying it in an offensive way!

Anyhow, arrive to the flat, open the door and see blood everywhere.

"Shit, whats happened" I think to myself. I find someone on the floor, and this once again makes me very worried.

Its ok though, they are cleaning up the blood. The person causing the blood is her partner, Anne. Carol was a nice lass and easy to talk to. She explained that her partner isnt all there in the head at the moment, and this has been made worse by alcohol. She then gets Anne's sister on the phone to tell me exactly the same thing.

There is glass all over the floor, so the obvious question of "how did this happen" is asked.
Anne had smashed a photo of her and Carol, and cut her hand. She didnt want to be seen by ambulance and would rather bleed to death - apparently.

I kid you not there was blood all over the floor and wallks - it looked like a scene out of Kill Bill.

No offences, but one has to go to prevent further breach of the peace. Now this is where the problems start.

Both Anne and Carol are very emotional and crying their eyes out and shouting, although this is mainly Anne. Anne is shouting how much she loves Carol and doesnt want to leave her.


Now Anne was quite, how can I put it, erm, Butch! She began to get very rowdy, but then was calmed down and insisted on hugging my collegue, covering her in blood.

Her mother then turned up (Anne's, not my collegues!) and my goodness, she put her in place! Well, for a while she did anyway. We went round and round in circles

  • Tell Anne she is going to her mums
  • Anne screaming to Carol that she loves her
  • Carol screaming that she wants her to go
  • Anne's mum telling Anne to shut up and get out
  • Get Anne to the door, then back to stage one
This happened for quite a while. Eventually after we all got covered in blood from this hand wound (still refusing to be seen by paramedics) we got her out the flat into her mums car. They drove off as we went to our car to follow. The mum had gone though.

We got halfway back to the nick and as I was updating control about the sitation, we got a further call to say that Anne had returned.
So back we go to the flat, it turns out that she had literally jumped out of her mums car halfway to her mums, and used her keys to get back into the flat.

We were all very very pissed off with the situation, so we went to arrest her and take her in (her mum didnt return) when we went through another cycle:

  • Tell Anne she is going to her mums
  • Anne screaming to Carol that she loves her
  • Carol screaming that she wants her to go
  • Get Anne to the door, then back to stage one
Right thats it. She could tell it was the final straw, luckily this cycle lasted about two minutes. Anne then left all her keys behind and went. We went after her to ensure she got to her mums, but she had vanished. Literally vanished.

We didnt get anymore calls to the address and got another unit to check all was in order later.

Worst domestic I have been to though - quite odd. No time to get the blood off us - off to some more grade ones.


PC South West said...

First of all I see no problem with your use of the term lesbian, after all that is what they are and I am sure they would have no problem with that.
One of the jobs I went to when I was very young in service was such a domestic. On our arrival there was blood everywhere and a female who had had the crap kicked out of her by her butch girlfriend.
We nicked the offender who could not see a problem with what she had done as her partner had been playing around.
I have not seen many worse domestic assaults since.

Black in Blue said...

extra that was a bit of a run around they gave you!

Black in Blue said...

Hell hath no fury like my wife!

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

It was a bit of a run! Had to though which shall be discussed next ;)

PC Bloggs said...

I am shocked, ESP, SHOCKED that during this brutal domestic you did not at any point exhibit POSITIVE INTERVENTION nor arrest anybody. Shame on you.

Drugsblogger said...

Girl-on-girl domestic violence is a lot more frequent than people care to admit. In fact it's probably as frequent as it is in the straight world too. In my work I see an awful lot of people who are messed up in the gender/sexuality way.