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Friday, January 05, 2007

Taking The Piss

Yahoo News Story

Police said on Friday they were hunting a man who stole a urinal from a pub toilet.

The suspect walked into the Royal Oak pub in Southampton, ordered half a pint of beer and then made several visits to the men's toilet.

There he carefully removed a white urinal from the wall, stuffed it into a rucksack and was captured on closed circuit television walking out with the bulging sack on his back.

"He made a very, very expert job of dismantling it from the wall and turning the water off. A very professional job," landlord Alan Dreja said in a video posted on the Southampton Daily Echo newspaper's Web site.

A police spokesman said the thief may have been a tradesman.

"One of the theories is the guy is some sort of cut-price plumber who is going round and stealing parts to order," he said.


ParttimePolisman said...

Detectives investigating the case have said that 'We've got nothing to go on"

Take the mother in law.. no go on, take her, I don't want her.

I'm here all week. Why don't you try the veal :)

Joe90 said...

I think he was just attempting to take the piss, quite succesfully.

PC South West said...

A 42 year old man has handed himself into police in Salisbury. He said he took it as a souvenir.
What was he going to do with it?