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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If You Were PM

I was recently talking to a friend about various things and catching up with them as I have not spoken to them for ages and we somehow got on the topic of what would be done if we ran the country and came up with a few brief ideas.

1) The NHS. Lets face it, its in a state! Fair enough I dont know much about it but perhaps by getting rid of all the managers and having people who have worked at the "bottom" (as in actually work on the floor and know whats going on) let these people become "managers" and run things as they know how it works! Get rid of targets etc and let hospitals do what they are there to do.

2) Foreign Policy. Why should we be more interested (as a PM) to whats going on hundreds of thousands of miles away than whats going on in this country. Two Words - George Bush. Lets face it, we are not going to get anything back from him. What was said in the film Love Actually? Something along the lines of "You can have what you want unless its something we dont want you to have?" Something like that - I think that sums it up pretty damn well. Oh and if we butt out of other countrys business then perhaps we wont be such a target for terrorists. Perhaps!

3) The Police Corporation. Why Corporation? Because that is what it seems to be now. Its all targets and targets and deadlines and paperwork. Its not a force or even a service anymore! Police officers are to be just that and not politicians, targets will be a thing of the past and not used in such a way to alter outcomes of cases in order to get a sanctioned detection when words of advice will simply do etc. Get rid of some restrictive stuff - make offenders feel like offenders and simply not customers, victims feel like justice has been done etc (although this is probably up to the courts!) This one could go on forever!

4) Attempt to redo the benefits system. Why should Lazy Liam get benefits simply because he cant (be arsed) to find a job?? Fair enough if you genuinly have a reason why you cant work but there has always got to be a job somewhere, yes it may be absolutely shit but to just claim that you cant find one and being lazy is no excuse. Especially when you go to these houses and they have TV's bigger than you and other such luxury items!

Some of these are not practical but are just a starting idea! So what things would you do if you were PM?


Joe90 said...

If I were Prime Minister, i'd make it mandatory that on everyday the tempreature is above 20 degrees celcius, every woman who is between sizes 8-12 (inclusive)should wear a long white gypsy skirt and a bikini top.

I wouldn't step foot in doors, on that day.

Two Passports said...

If I were Prime Minsiter I would let the police have more powers and be stricter on who I let in. Serriously, some of the coppers you see walking around look like they should be doing their SATS exams or working in a library or something. I have no faith that they could protect me if I needed it. I'm not advocating police violkence but you wnat a copper to at least look like he could crack some skulls...

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would do away with the human rights act and build more prisons. I'd also get rid of all the godawful red tape that is strangling the police and the all the bloody touchy feely political correctness which sadly, is everywhere. I'd also like them to behave more like the Sweeney and put the fear of god into the little buggers. I realise of course that prison building would mean a probable raise in tax but it would be one I'd happily pay...

Anonymous said...

We got on for centuries with the laws we had, the bunch of lawyers we have now have passed more laws than anyone else yet things dont get any better. Why is that?
The punishment for crime has gone, so everone now knows the worst you'll face is free food and accomodation for a few years till they let you out early.
I would have the stocks, public floggings and executions so that justice is not only done but seen to be done and is also a warning to everyone and a reassurance that the LAW will protect you.
Oooh what a nasty horrible man I must be to think like that, fancy wanting criminals to be punished for their crimes

gonorr said...

I wouldn't have a missus with a letterbox for a mouth.

Or a rather large bloke who was apt to speak his mind in public as my 2 ic.