Blast From the Past

Thursday, August 31, 2006


So you go away for a couple of weeks, sent up an out of office reply so that people know your away with a contact number/email to get to you if they need to.

Simple really isnt it!

Nope! Obviously there are the hundreds of emails about John Sproggins wanting to talk to an officer as they have an appointment but cant remember the officers name, or PC Gimpoid has "misplaced" their warrant card, or a box of laxatives was found in one of the cars, whos is it. Once these have been weeded out as not relevant/not interesting there are the ones from the case builders wanting more details about a case/pnb photocopy. Then there is the email saying "Its urgent, please get back asap" then another email saying "why have you not replied??"

Hello - im not here! Hence the out of office reply stating "I am not here until xxdatexx, if you require me please call me on my number which can be found here *link to intranet directory with details in* or email me at *link to intranet diary with details in* and I will get back to you straight away."

Now for those of you who are not familer with an out of office reply, when you email someone you get a reply stating that the recipient is not there and the above message comes up too.

Yet still I get bombarded with emails asking me to account for my lack of replies! Perhaps I should send postcards instead?

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