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Monday, August 07, 2006

Fireman Sam's Prank

Ever thought what it would be like to get into a tumbledryer and turn it on?? Well this is exactly what a Greater Manchester Firefighter did!(note that I say fighter, not man as this is clearly not acceptable in todays PC society!)

The story can be found here

So now officials are investigating this. Right ok . . . this is obviously a priority! It seems that fun is not allowed, and is this really as dangerous as going into burining buildings? It was a bit of fun! Ah, but on the otherhand I suppose we cant have this sort of thing happening now can we. The public will be screaming that the fire service took so long as they were all playing with tumble dryers . . . . well, you never know!
I do wonder whether Professional Standards/equivalents have their sense of humour removed which is a shame!

Below is a list of equvalent things that one may find themselves doing in a police environment when in the same mindset with these firefighters:

*Kitting up in full PSU gear and hitting each other
*When a collegue falls asleep on the van near the end of the shift, park up and leave him (or her) in it - locked!
*Put on an inspectors jacket and trick naive probationers into making teas for the team
*Email the shift from someones PC whilst they are out the office declaring undying love for the inspector

Insert your own pranks/comedy moments here (ie. add a comment!)


DogsBody said...

"It seems that fun is not allowed"
True... No longer allowed to play "Hide & Seek" on nights, even though it gave some bloody good HVP'ing to high crime areas and we would always attend jobs if they came in - Oh well will just have to think up new games to play to keep us awake during the small hours when everyone else is sleeping!

Inner London PC said...

Can't beat a good water fight in the carrier at the end of a long, dull, hot aid!

Gargoyle said...

Our Coppers tent to be somewhat less creative, but still egage in pranks. The most common one, due to our Brass requiring that the hat goes on the second we get out of the car, is to put any hats that have been left in the vehicle into an icecream container full of water and freeze it. Hats are never teh same after that experience! Another, particular to SOCO is to catch someone out lifting their own fingerprints! I nearly managed to catch m'collegue and good mate, Max, one day. We did a "walk-through" of a particulary huge industrial scene one day. I saw him absently put an ungloved hand on a painted surface and leave a beautiful palm on it. When we came back to it over an hour later, I pointed it out to him. He was ready to develop and lift it, and I told him it was his... I couldn't do it to him! Bugger! Missed opportunity!